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We assist OEMs, ODMs & O&Ms to build and unify their business operations seamlessly on an IoT platform. With a holistic understanding, we can integrate systems, ranging from legacy to advanced smart systems. Our innovative Industrial IoT technology encompasses a range of features, including machine monitoring, asset tracking and predictive maintenance. This comprehensive suite of capabilities empowers you to reduce downtime, improve ROI, boost operational efficiency and maximize productivity. Through these advanced technologies, we aim to enhance your profitability by implementing cost-saving measures.

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Connecting the dots

Trinetra T-Sense offers you a range of services that handles client’s requirements with a unique solution that is future-proof.

Our Industrial IoT Solutions Deliver Value

Machine Monitoring System

Machine Monitoring System

Identify key indicators, uptime/downtime and asset operability to optimize equipment efficiency

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Industrial Air-Compressor

Air-Compressor Monitoring System

Maximize energy efficiency and cost savings through optimal equipment running condition

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Diesel Generator Monitoring System

Diesel Generator Monitoring System

Monitor critical parameters of multiple DG sets for smooth operation & prevention of issues

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Cleaning Machine Monitoring

Maximize efficiency with real-time data on machine utilization, working time, downtime and location

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Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring

Adopt predictive maintenance and avoid unscheduled interferences

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Trinetra transforms your workplace, significantly increases resource utilisation and adds value to your business.

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What we have done

Our Industrial IoT solutions enhance your business & workplace favourably, increasing resources utilisation, efficiencies & adding value to operations.

Remote Monitoring Solutions for OEM Equipment

Enhancing OEM Equipment with IoT & Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring Solutions

01, Jul, 2024

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floor cleaning machine tracking

IoT-Enhanced Tracking for Floor Cleaning Machines

20, Jun, 2024

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IoT drilling rig solution

Efficient IoT Software Solution for Remote Drilling Rig Monitoring

24, Apr, 2024

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Trinetra helps to make your business smart by fostering innovative solutions using IoT and data, connecting all your critical devices, machines, systems and people.

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