Key Attributes / Features

The IoT endeavours to automate and control objects digitally

The Architecture

The Trinetra T-Sense Universal Platform runs, manages and connects a heterogeneous arrangement of IoT devices on a single vendor and single point of responsibility. The architecture operates vertical applications on machine-to-machine (M2M) devices that are positioned in multiple locations/countries.

The Analytics

The effort now is to collect as much data, then validate it and enriching it with analytics. By mixing it with other sources, the system then exposes it to the other applications. This enables stake-holders to derive value from these services, in terms of business analytics and research.

A monetisation methodology

The IoT platform accelerates the path to monetisation of data in the market. With pre-defined M2M use cases for quick iteration, the IoT platform helps to manage and analyse collected data with the enablement of data centric applications.

Simultaneous method of management

A global IoT platform supports heterogeneous sets of IoT gateways, devices, and sensors simultaneously. The platform does the management of sensors and devices agnostically and offers the potential scalability to manage millions of devices simultaneously.

Application designers target the market

The built-in application allows the rapid IoT app development by designers, to create more and newer service offerings on web and mobile channels. The application designer structures API monetisation and policy enforcement. For securely managing partners and developers, the application also incorporates a partner-oriented layer.

Cross-vertical operations enabled securely

With M2M compliance, the platform endorses the operation of applications from different verticals. It however deploys the server for IoT use cases, on a customer basis, with specific privileges assigned but with the total security in hand.