IoT-enabled Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Platform for Efficient Monitoring & Tracking

IoT-enabled Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Platform for Efficient Monitoring & Tracking


The client is a major player in the transport and logistics industry, and they have a large fleet of electric vehicles deployed. They have ambitious growth plans and have approached us for an IoT software solution to improve productivity and efficiency by tracking and monitoring the electric vehicle fleets in real-time to solve some of the pain points and to scale up operations.

Business Requirements

The Trinetra team had a discussion with the client to identify the pain points that needed to be resolved. This also helped to decide on the customization needed in the IoT software we proposed for their EV fleet management. The client has about 31 EV trucks operating in four different locations. Each truck will have to transport the EV bikes from warehouse to warehouse within cities and the vehicles will be operated 24/7.

A few of the trucks are contracted vehicles, and the remaining are their own vehicles. The client was looking for a one-stop solution for managing all the trucks. The client needed to know the trips taken by each vehicle, when the trip started and ended. Stoppages for more than 10 minutes should trigger alerts to stakeholders in real-time. They required up-to-date info and real-time updates using the IoT fleet management software. The solution has to be integrated with their current system and had to track the vehicles being rented.

Trinetra Solution

The Trinetra IoT Fleet Management Platform uses technologies like GPS, IoT sensors, and data analytics to help companies become efficient and profitable by streamlining their fleet management, monitoring, and tracking operations. Real-time updates help decide on the shortest routes and get the driver’s location. The IoT fleet management software sends pop-up messages to stakeholders and offers trip updates. The Geo-fencing and other related features enable location-based alerts, non-compliance alerts, and help to enable a seamless vehicle journey.

The IoT technology used here helps in automating tasks for achieving better operational efficiency, safety, maintenance, and theft prevention, and helps to decrease instances of theft. It helps in drawing out EV charging plans for optimizing energy usage and timely charging of vehicles. This maximizes the reliability and stability of operations. The IoT fleet management system also generates various types of reports for fleet maintenance, tire management, etc. It helps gain insight into EV drivers’ behavior and energy consumption to optimize EV fleet management.


  • Monitor & Optimize energy management
  • Optimize operations with visibility of over 30%
  • High visibility on fleet movement with location tracking
  • Managers get automated real-time alerts
  • Keeps driver engaged for less violation on multiple aspects
  • Fleet Management rules can be inducted and monitored as per requirement of the project
  • Expectation based monitoring and event based reporting
  • Evolving hardware and software updates