Industrial Machine Monitoring Solution

Remote Machine operations made intelligent and cost-effective

IoT-driven Real-time Remote Machine Monitoring system optimizes manufacturing productivity and service performance. Businesses can remotely track machines and equipment across multiple sites, ensuring smooth operations and timely maintenance, practically improving ROI using this solution. This cloud-based solution detects anomalies and addresses issues like fuel/oil wastage, theft, overheating, unexpected breakdowns and more. Processed data across the system becomes a valuable OEM resource.

Solution Highlights

  • Operations Monitoring: Real-time tracking of machine performance and production.
  • Machine Availability: Continuous monitoring of machine uptime.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Predictive maintenance to prevent breakdowns.
  • Condition Monitoring: Ongoing assessment of machine health.
  • Resource Utilization: Efficient use of materials and resources.
  • Location Tracking: Real-time tracking of machine or asset locations.

System Architecture

IoT based Machine Monitoring Solution

Parameters Monitored

Temperature, vibration, sound, RPM, energy, tank levels, voltage, frequency, location.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Dashboard for real-time overview
  • Instant alerts/notifications for proactive response
  • Energy monitoring system for cost-savings
  • Real-time Location tracking for portable machines
  • Multi-site Remote Monitoring for simultaneous overview
  • Centralise Security and surveillance for machines
  • Spare Parts Scheduling based on real-time insights.
  • Scheduled Reports for easy analysis
  • Data-driven Analytics for decision making

Benefits of the IoT-powered Intelligent Machine Monitoring Solution

    • Machine Availability & Optimized Resource Management

Effortlessly monitor machine downtime and idle periods, gaining insights into operational gaps. Optimize resource consumption, including fuel, electricity, lubricants, and coolants, boosting efficiency and minimizing wastage.

    • Robust Data Analysis of Vast Datasets

updates of machines within the facility, enhancing efficiency by tracking movement on assembly lines and conveyor belts for prompt deliveries. Insights visualized through Informative Graphs can transform complex data into meaningful understanding. This facilitates quick comprehension of trends and performance metrics. Harness the power of data analysis to process extensive datasets. This capable software supports informed decision-making, driving operational enhancements.

    • Machine Condition Assessment with Automated Data Management

Evaluate equipment health by analyzing factors such as temperature, pressure, noise, vibrations, and maintenance status, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Efficiently manage data through automation, from collection to analysis eliminating manual errors. The system excels in handling data, enabling real-time insights into machine operations. Trigger timely alerts and notifications, ensuring swift response to critical machine events.

    • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and coexistence with established processes and machines involved.

    • Oversight of Remote Sites with Enhanced Machine Connectivity

Effortlessly monitor remote sites, allowing comprehensive control and oversight across locations. Enhanced machine connectivity of the software establishes seamless communication between machines and equipment, enabling real-time monitoring.

    • Customization for Comprehensive Machine Management

Achieve comprehensive management of machines throughout the organization. From maintenance tracking to performance optimization, our machine monitoring software covers it all. Experience flexibility with tailor-made customization to align with your unique business requirements, fostering optimal usability and efficiency.

Our IoT-based Machine Monitoring software heralds a new era of industrial efficiency and productivity. By seamlessly combining cutting-edge IoT technology with user-centric design, we empower businesses to elevate their operations, reduce downtime, and make data-driven decisions. The journey towards smart manufacturing begins here.

Highlights of the Application

    • Machine Downtime Tracking

IoT-enabled sensors prevent unscheduled downtime. Utilizing sensor-based technology for downtime tracking aids in meeting machine productivity targets via a unified dashboard. Real-time insights and cost savings characterize this approach. Choose machines for downtime frequency identification and schedule timely scans.

    • Predictive Maintenance of Machines

Data-driven IoT solutions present simplified KPI, performance, and condition insights. This streamlines maintenance, enhances decision-making and optimizes equipment performance.

    • Built-in Performance Indicator

IoT-based downtime management system offers real-time performance indicators, enabling immediate actions. Even remote systems can be monitored, ensuring proactive responses and process continuity.

    • Assists Production Monitoring

Track product flow in real-time, on conveyor systems and assembly lines via insightful dashboard. Ensure timely production quotas and lean management through the dashboard and value stream visibility.

Remote Machine Monitoring as the stepping stone to Industrial IoT

Industries rely on machines for production, underscoring the need for their good health by maintenance. A pivotal component of IoT adoption, this remote machine monitoring solution establishes a communication network, enabling holistic plant data analysis. Beyond monitoring, it offers real-time data, predictive maintenance, automation, and support, aligning with heightened productivity and maintenance goals.

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