Monitor your generator’s performance, status & fuel usage remotely from any location at any time

Monitor your generator’s performance, status & fuel usage remotely from any location at any time


The client is a well-known Generator manufacturer and provider to retail chain stores, with operations spread across the whole country. They were intent on outsourcing a remote asset monitoring system for their diesel generators installed in various geographic locations.

The Problem Outline

The client wanted to monitor the locations of the end-customer’s Generator. They needed a remote diagnostic tool to monitor the engine running hours and fuel level of each generator set. The proposed system should help them to know about maintenance details to improve productivity via remote monitoring and analytics. They wanted to add value to their product range and for product development with the data obtained from remote assets.

The Solution Summary

The IoT application for remote assets proposed, can instantly monitor critical parameters along with its trends, which is for making easy data-based (informed) decision making. The software application can monitor on 24×7 basis, in real-time, on the IoT platform provided by us. The benefits of the solution provided are:

  • Time and Cost Saving for the company
  • Value Addition by improved productivity
  • Helps to know the trend of faults and improvement done
  • Increase the machine health and reduce the maintenance which comes under warranty
  • Time and Cost Saving for the company
  • Performance of the assets easily analysed and reports compiled instantly

Outcome / Result

  • Remote monitoring offers 24×7 visibility of assets on remote sites,
  • Instant notification/alerts on abnormalities and hazards
  • Remote monitoring of machine health increases uptime
  • Helps in better energy/fuel management of assets for stakeholders
  • Overall improved brand value and ensures customer retention

This customised automated IIoT solution when deployed runs on a single unified software platform which is cloud hosted. Purpose based sensors monitor numerous parameters remotely to generate data for remote diagnostics and analytics. It improves both product development for the OEM and post sales experience.