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Trinetra T-Sense sees collaboration with relevant partner companies as an integral part of our growth strategy on a global scale. We are continually looking for collaboration with relevant partners from a strategic and channel partner perspective. We are only happy and proud to work in partnership with committed channel partners and system integrators across the world, to provide quality solutions and prompt services to clients.

Channel Partners

The Trinetra T-Sense team understands that our channel partners are essential for mutual success and we are committed to provide the best possible business ecosystem and support for our partners. To provide quality solutions and services to clients globally we invite Value Added Resellers who wish to share our success as a Business Partner, Associate Partner or Referral Partner. Grab the opportunity to partner with us and sign-up with a global tech brand to enter a high-growth path at an affordable investment.

Large System Integrators

We have successfully partnered with large system integrators & service providers, combining their consulting, services & integration expertise with various products to deliver comprehensive solutions for medium to large businesses.

While large system integrators play a critical role in providing solutions for large customers because of their services or consulting know-how, their industry domain expertise and intimate knowledge of the customer’s business, Trinetra T-Sense brings the other vital piece of the solution namely an universal IoT platform. So, leverage product innovation in telematics & IoT, committed coordination for RFPs, experience agility and tailored technical support

We believe in collaborative partnerships as a key strategy for growth. Trinetra has pursued this model successfully in order to create mutually beneficial relationships for our large system integration partners and our customers.

We are wish to expand our large system integrator partner community that will include global system integrators & service companies, niche management consultancies and leading regional SIs.

OEM Partners

Trinetra T-Sense helps Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to connect and communicate with consumers and devices integrated with our platform. Trinetra T-Sense’s universal IoT platform is being built to address the changing needs of businesses and manufactures across the globe. OEM Partners. The OEM partners can operate similarly to white label software although they may need high and different levels of customisation as per their and customer requirements on our platform.

As our partner you gain a competitive advantage to differentiate from other competitors and complement your business. Partnering with us gives your company a legacy of excellence. Trinetra T-Sense will help you as a preferred OEM to maximise your business and make better profits as we are committed to your success by providing you dedicated support and services to efficiently achieve goals.

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