Enhancing cleaning equipment management with a customised IoT solution

Enhancing cleaning equipment management with a customised IoT solution


Trinetra tSense, a leading IoT solutions provider, was approached by a prominent manufacturing company in the cleaning industry. The company’s Vice Chairman sought a dependable solution to tackle the issues related to monitoring and managing their extensive fleet of cleaning equipment.

The Problem Outline

The manufacturing company faced several challenges, including the need to remotely monitor the location, running hours, and usage level of their diverse range of cleaning equipment, which included scrubbers, vacuums, and rider models. They aimed to enhance their services to end clients through real-time monitoring and reporting. Although they had a well-established CRM and ERP system, they required a specialized hardware and API solution to seamlessly integrate with their existing systems.

The Solution Summary

Understanding the client’s unique requirements, Trinetra tSense proposed a GPS Tracking & Fleet Management solution tailored to their needs. The solution included IoT hardware devices capable of accurately tracking the location, operational hours, and usage patterns of each cleaning equipment unit. Trinetra tSense provided a comprehensive API support package, enabling seamless integration with the client’s existing CRM and ERP systems.
To cater to the client’s preference for developing their own software, Trinetra focused on delivering robust hardware and data collection capabilities. The solution was adaptable to both battery-operated and diesel-operated equipment, encompassing the client’s entire fleet.

Outcome / Result

  • Real-time Visibility: Vice Chairman gained real-time insight into fleet’s location, usage patterns, and maintenance needs.
  • Proactive Decision-Making: Enabled efficient resource allocation and proactive decision-making.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Accurate equipment status and usage information improved customer service.
  • Operational Efficiency: Significant enhancement in operational efficiency achieved.
  • Software Development Leverage: Company utilized its software development capabilities due to hardware and API support.
  • Deployment Goals Met: Successfully deployed 1000 to 3000 devices annually for their machines.
  • Industry Leadership: Strengthened the company’s position as an industry leader in the cleaning equipment segment.

Our tailored IoT solution empowered the manufacturing company to overcome their challenges and achieve operational excellence in managing their cleaning equipment fleet. The successful collaboration showcased the power of IoT technology in addressing specific industry pain points and delivering impactful solutions. We offer our clients customisable IIoT solutions hosted on a single unified software platform.