IoT Remote Monitoring of Generators for the Telecommunication Industry

IoT Remote Monitoring of Generators for the Telecommunication Industry


In a rapidly changing telecommunications environment, our client, a leading satellite services subsidiary, pioneers innovative IoT solutions for the telecom sector. They serve diverse clients, with a specific focus on end customers utilizing generators in remote locations like construction sites and mines. Using satellite communication, our IoT solution significantly transforms their operations.

The Problem Outline

The client’s pain points were twofold. First, they needed to monitor critical parameters and obtain data on the DG sets, including temperature, oil level, vibration and RPM, which is to ensure the machines’ optimal performance. Second, they wanted to improve the quality and lifetime of the DG sets by gaining insights into their performance, faults, and trends. They were in search of a comprehensive IoT solution tailored to their needs.

The Solution Summary

To tackle these challenges, our client turned to Trinetra Gateway, a highly capable IoT solution designed to integrate with various makes and models of DG sets, with a particular focus on Cummins, Kirloskar and Deep Sea Electronics. This solution empowered our client to tap into the full potential of IoT in the telecom industry. This innovative solution enabled the real-time monitoring of essential data, such as running hours, electrical parameters and fuel consumption, through a user-friendly application compatible with mobile devices.

Our generator monitoring solution incorporated a data-driven approach, leveraging domain experts and solution experts to provide valuable insights to the business. It facilitated the quick analysis of asset performance and the generation of reports, a process that previously took weeks. It also allowed for the monitoring of machine running, idling and charging status, empowering our client’s customers to make timely and informed decisions.


  • Improved Asset Performance: By closely monitoring temperature, oil levels, vibration, and RPM, the client’s customers saw a noticeable improvement in DG set performance.
  • Reduced Customer Complaints: The proactive monitoring of critical parameters led to a decrease in customer complaints related to asset failures and downtime.
  • Enhanced Brand Value: The ability to provide reliable and uninterrupted power solutions boosted the overall brand value of our client, solidifying their position as a pioneer in offering IoT solutions for the telecom industry.
  • Ensured Customer Retention: Satisfied customers, thanks to the improved performance of their DG sets, resulted in higher customer retention rates.
  • Improved Visibility over Assets: The ability to monitor DG set parameters in real-time provided our client’s customers with enhanced visibility over their assets, further emphasizing the role of IoT in the telecom sector.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Quick and efficient data analysis translated into significant time and cost savings, making the IoT solution highly cost-effective for our client.

Through the implementation of an IoT solution, our client effectively addressed the challenges of optimizing asset performance and reducing customer complaints. Our comprehensive solution provided enhanced visibility, cost savings and an undeniable competitive edge for the client in the swiftly evolving technological landscape