IoT-Enhanced Tracking for Floor Cleaning Machines

IoT-Enhanced Tracking for Floor Cleaning Machines


A leading OEM in the floor cleaning machine industry faced challenges managing their fleet across diverse locations efficiently.

The Problem Outline

The client needed a solution to address operational inefficiencies caused by a lack of real-time tracking and unreliable maintenance schedules. They aimed to improve fleet management, optimize maintenance efforts, and enhance customer service by providing actionable insights into machine performance.

The Solution Summary

To validate the effectiveness of their IoT solution, Trinetra Tsense initiated a pilot program at Bangalore Airport. They equipped two-floor cleaning machines with IoT devices that tracked critical performance metrics. These metrics included machine location, idling time, running time and battery levels.

The data collected underwent rigorous validation to ensure accuracy and reliability before Trinetra Tsense considered a wider implementation.


  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Real-time tracking and detailed usage data enabled better fleet management, reducing idle time and improving overall efficiency.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Accurate data on machine usage and battery levels facilitated predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and extending machine lifespan.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Customers gained insights into machine performance, enabling proactive equipment management and enhancing satisfaction.
  • Scalability and Cost Savings: The scalable solution allowed gradual deployment across the entire fleet, optimizing operations and reducing costs through data-driven decision-making

Trinetra Tsense’s IoT solution revolutionized floor cleaning machine management, using real-time data and predictive analytics to shift from reactive to proactive operations, significantly improving efficiency, maintenance predictability, and customer satisfaction for industrial OEMs.