Boost Productivity & Efficiency in Caffeine Manufacturing with IoT Machine Monitoring Solutions

Boost Productivity & Efficiency in Caffeine Manufacturing with IoT Machine Monitoring Solutions


The client that approached us is a reputed caffeine manufacturer with customers spread all over the country with Pan-India operations. They were looking at outsourcing a remote machine monitoring system with IoT tech for their manufacturing unit.

Business Requirements

The client wanted visibility on their machines’ production and also downtime when it occurs. Another pain point of the client was unaware if their machines are running overtime and at what RPM. If RPM is not maintained the quality of the powder from grinding the coffee beans will be affected and they needed to monitor that aspect of their machinery.

The client also needed to know how the employees are handling the machinery like the centrifuge and dryers, which is a grey area for them. They also required remote diagnostic tools and data to plan and schedule maintenance for all the heavy-duty machines that they were not able to do presently.

The Solution Summary

We at Trinetra TSense were able to provide a solution to the client with our cloud-based machine monitoring system which will make it convenient for them to monitor different parameters that are required by the client. The web-based asset monitoring and management platform can show the current values of parameters of each machine or group of machines used in the manufacturing of caffeine. The IoT application can instantly monitor critical parameters and its trends, making it easy for data-driven (informed) decision-making. The IoT based application can monitor on 24×7 basis, in real-time, hosted on the IoT platform provided by tSense.


  • Improved productivity and uptime
  • Finds the trend of both faults and improvement
  • Trigger alerts and notifications on fault identification
  • Increases machine health and reduces the maintenance cost
  • Performance of machines analysed and reports compiled in minutes.
  • Monitoring can record the hours a machine has been operated, stopped or is idle.
  • High visibility on utilisation of the machines helps to maintain quality of the caffeine powder
  • Can automate manual process and improve the efficiency of machines.

Outcome / Result

  • Remote monitoring of machine health improves uptime and productivity
  • Remote monitoring gives 24×7 visibility of assets/machinery, even at remote locations
  • Instant notification/alerts on set limits, abnormalities and hazards to prevent downtime
  • Helps in better energy/fuel management of assets for stakeholders
  • Overall improved quality, value addition and ensures customer satisfaction

We offer our clients customisable IIoT solutions hosted on a single unified software platform. Dedicated sensors monitor the various parameters to generate data for remote diagnostics and data analytics. Contact us for more details on IIoT solutions.