IoT Remote Monitoring Solution for Improved Performance & Asset Management of Floor Cleaning Machines

IoT Remote Monitoring Solution for Improved Performance & Asset Management of Floor Cleaning Machines


The client who approached us is a prominent OEM of cleaning equipment with a big client-base covering the country. They specialized in in manufacturing of equipment like floor cleaning machines and were seeking a solution for their pain points. Trinetra had an answer as they required to monitor their machines in real time to improve on performance and life span, by remote monitoring.

The Problem Outline

A leading manufacturer of floor cleaning machines, the customer actually needed a software solution with a system to constantly, remotely monitor their machinery running at a factory, industry or service area. They wanted a smart tracking soluton to identify the machine, to improve performance and life span of the assets on field. To increase machine lifespan, they had to know the usage of the Asset and by knowing maintenance details well. Data available in advance will help for easy AMC sign-up with the customer.

The solution they sought can instantly monitor critical parameters with its trends for easy data-based (informed) decision making. The software would improve machine quality and life by measuring its performance over a period of time with constant monitoring. The application will help to know the trend of faults and improvements on the machine will avoid downtime. Therefore, the software application they were seeking will run on 24×7 basis and be accessible by multiple users in real-time on the IoT platform provided by us.

The Solution Summary

The client needed a single unified software to monitor performance, as they considered it important to improve their product. The solution we developed, brought in maintenance of all assets on a single platform that reduces manual supervision. Performance of the assets can be easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes, based on running time and location parameters.

The other benefit is it maximises uptime for floor cleaning equipment, helping service executives with quick fault detection. Overall improved brand value ensures customer retention, besides ensuring their uniqueness in a competitive market. The automated solution with GPS enabled sensors help monitoring of machines from a remote location, with features for triggering Instant fault notification using remote diagnostics.

The IoT base solution helps in

  1. Know your assets’ performance
  2. Improved visibility over your assets
  3. Time and Cost Savings
  4. Value Addition to improve productivity

Outcome / Result

  • Data driven approach for timely decision-making
  • Domain expertise and Solution experts working closely to provide value to your business
  • Performance of the assets was easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes
  • Machine running, idling and charging status of the machine can easily monitor


When provided on a single unified software, customized for all their needs, the highly automated IIoT solution installed works to monitor numerous parameters remotely in real time and generates data for remote diagnostics and data analysis. It helps quick go-to-market advantage for product development by an OEM, besides improving on post sales experience of customers.