Revolutionizing Traditional Maintenance with IIoT: A Case Study on Remote Hydraulic Machine Monitoring

Revolutionizing Traditional Maintenance with IIoT: A Case Study on Remote Hydraulic Machine Monitoring


Automobile Industry with the vision of reducing cost of vehicles, increasing productivity and achieving global standards of quality. They work towards enhancement of the effectiveness using IIOT platform.

The Problem Outline

Without digital technology client faced difficulty in the following areas

  • Capturing actionable data about the performance of mobile machine systems
  • Monitoring critical parameters that will help us to increase machine lifespan
  • Making out the trend of faults and getting maintenance alerts well in advance
  • Reducing operational expenses by increasing machine performance

The Solution Summary

Client makes use of hydraulic machines in their production processes, they need to keep up with the modern market by implementing IIOT solution for asset monitoring.  They approached us asking custom solution specific for their business needs. Our team worked closely with their team experts to embrace this IOT technology & increase value by offering application-specific solutions.

They want us to apply advanced monitoring and diagnostic technology for machinery that would significantly increase the availability of equipment, reduce downtime and extend the life of the machine through real-time check on the machine’s statuses. We supported them to adopt IOT concepts and revolutionize traditional maintenance towards smart predictive maintenance.

By adding sensors and higher-level controllers to operational technology we enabled them to remotely monitor capital-intensive manufacturing equipment through a graphical dashboard on their smartphones. These machine monitoring devices connected to the edge computing gateway via their respective protocols offered them a simple, complete and efficient remote monitoring and diagnostic solution.

Outcome / Result

  • IOT technology gave incredible potential, let machine operators to get data on touch-screen instrument panels for analysis & making decisions.
  • By coming up with intelligence they could now Identify potential equipment failures early and fix 48 percent of the faults within 60 seconds.
  • Performance of the assets was easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes, which previously took weeks. Resulted in Improved labour efficiency with 32,000 work orders per quarter.
  • Achieved Overall energy savings of about 10 percent per annum with ROI in less than 18 months’ time

By working with the right IoT development partner you could be smarter & more efficient. To know more on our Remote Hydraulic machine monitoring solution, leave an enquiry, we will contact you.