IoT-Based Remote Monitoring System for Hoist Machines: Enhancing Safety and Predictive Maintenance

IoT-Based Remote Monitoring System for Hoist Machines: Enhancing Safety and Predictive Maintenance


The company is a manufacturer and supplier of hoist machines in India. Having vast experience in the hoist machine manufacturing sector, the company decided to integrate IoT technology in hoist machines to monitor their performance by various parameters in real-time. The company approached Trinetra Tsense to get trackers for hoist machines managed via a mobile app.


  • Creating safety work environment by alerting on safety norms and crossing critical limits such as motor overheating & machine overloading, etc.
  • To provide statics reports on hoist machine operations such as the number of operating hours, start–stops, etc.
  • To give real-time data on the life span of critical components and their current health status.
  • Gather information on entire fleet maintenance performances.


The client’s requirement was they want to create safe working environment for their hoist machine users. So they decide to have a software technology implementation on the hoist machines they manufacture that can rapidly give alerts to the users at the time of safety norms violations or crossing critical limits of overheating, overloading, etc.  Using overweight or unnecessary brakes in hoist can lead to damage of wear components or brake failure. Tsense supported the clients with a hoist remote monitoring system that significantly allows the gathering data of detailed information on abnormal usage situations which can help to identify issues and plan remediation.

The other benefit of the real-time hoist monitoring system is it provides the statics report on the history of machine operation such as the number of working hours based on the start & stop of the machine. Collect real-time data of critical components through various parameters to calculate their life span which supports predictive maintenance to avoid downtime of hoist machines. It also provides data on entire fleet performance to make customer billing easy.

Outcome / Result

  • Easy monitoring of hoist machines to reduce overloading or overheating.
  • Performance of the assets was easily analyzed and reports were compiled within minutes
  • Start & Stop of hoist machine is monitored & handled easily.
  • Predictive analysis can be performed by monitoring critical components.
  • Data-driven approach for timely decision-making


By choosing the right IoT solution provider you can be a smarter and more efficient worker. To know more about hoist remote monitoring solution support leave us an enquiry, and we will reach you with more ideas and IoT solutions.