Major development in Internet of Things for machine health monitoring is happening

Aug 20 2021

Major development in Internet of Things for machine health monitoring is happening

Manufacturing companies across all industries are leveraging IoT technology to optimize production assets and get value addition. Sensor technology, as in IOT devices, is playing a major role in this digital transformation and a major factor in machine health monitoring systems. Especially, industrial machine sensors are key in facilitating the benefits got from comprehensive monitoring in real-time of a host of parameters. Using machine health monitoring systems engineers can set the timings for maintenance schedules, so as to prevent failure of the machine or system and so avoid its negative consequences. The system identifies the faults before it develops into a major issue or into failure in machinery or equipment.

Effective Real-time Monitoring of Assets

Machine health monitoring systems enable effective monitoring of machine condition in real-time by constantly tracking equipment’s performance via various parameters like temperature, pressure, kilometer, vibration and more. Tracking these indicators on an ongoing basis can detect small variations in performance which is hard to detect by visual or surface inspection, or by an operator. This helps to detect anomalies before a malfunction or breakdowns happens.

With the help of software, data-analytics and cloud computing Industrial IoT has been able to deliver all-in-one solutions. Bundling the IIoT technology stack using all-in-one IIoT solutions helps to accelerate the Industrial IoT project timelines. The result is the availability of more machine data that are smarter and more relevant for the manufacturer.

Advantages of remote machine health monitoring

Increasing the lifespan of machinery: Monitoring the condition of the machines helps to increase the longevity of parts and with preventive maintenance good machinery will last longer. This also proves that hidden costs can be eliminated and productivity boosted with more uptime.

Lowers Maintenance Costs: Monitoring the condition of machines and preventive maintenance will lower maintenance costs in the long run, as machine downtime is caused by hidden internal faults. Preventive maintenance techniques and condition monitoring is a worthwhile investment for reliability of the production lines.

Maximize Production Output: Broken parts and faulty machinery will cause loss of hours of productivity which lead to a gross amount per annum, eating away the profit margin. It will affect delivery schedules and contracts with clients. Monitoring machine health will help meet production deadlines effectively.

Helps with KPIs and Analysis: The monitoring system generates a pool of data that can be accessed to develop invaluable information and analyzing the KPIs. Measuring manufacturing output can help you make informed decisions and improve RoI.

Reduction of Waste: Machinery monitoring using the IoT platform has contributed to reducing waste which is environment friendly approach. Excessive resource wastage can be corrected and pollution can be controlled with machine health monitoring system.

Utilization and Availability of Machines: By tracking the utilization of resources such as electricity, fuel, lubricants, etc. the efficiency of resource utilization can be improved via the system. Monitoring helps identify machines not running or idle and can help maximize uptime, besides actual shutdowns or downtime, to maximize utilization.

IIoT evolves into a centralized solution and scalable platform

Machine health monitoring has become a primary task of the IIoT platform. Industries across sectors have adopted IoT to enhance their capabilities. Machine monitoring solutions have been widely adopted and now play a major role integrating with IoT platforms to boost productivity and improve ROI, which is also seen as the first step in IIoT. It creates a communication network within the company and the industry. IIoT helps to increase and predict the machine operations and to invest in solutions that offer quick ROI. As a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and other recurring revenue models, the system offers flexibility & scalability. This IIoT System helps to Improve market value of the OEMs. It opens possibilities of new revenue streams and business opportunities for manufacturers enabled by data-driven services

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