Over the next 5 years Industry 4.0 will drive in a century of advancements, say experts

Nov 27 2020

Over the next 5 years Industry 4.0 will drive in a century of advancements, say experts

Industry 4.0 is the idea that we’re entering the fourth industrial revolution – driven by technologies such as large-scale M2M communications, the IoT and AI.

A majority of IT experts and decision makers believe that in the next 5 years there’s going to be a century’s worth of technological advancements happening. Industry 4.0 refers to the new phase of the Industrial Revolution happening now which focuses on the transformation of industry through inter connectivity, intelligent networking of machines and processes, with automation, real-time data and machine learning.

The 4th phase of the Industrial Revolution is rolling out.

This phase is an important evolution as there are innumerable benefits accruing to help industry leaders and manufacturers to meet the current challenges by reacting with flexibility to the market changes. It speeds up the pace of innovation and is very consumer centric.

The mentioned modern technologies and innovations will make it easier for companies to share data and collaborate with manufacturer suppliers and others in the supply chain. This is where IIoT is going to play a key role. It will improve productivity and competitiveness and help sustainability and growth. Efficiency will increase by better use of resources and aligning the production and processes more directly and effectively.

Hype around the 4th phase is not unfounded

Considering the rapid technological developments, the challenges and some disruptive scenarios, the myth around the 4th industrial Revolution is actually nor overdone. The advent of new technologies like 5G, large-scale M2M communications, the IoT, Cloud Computing, AR, VR and AI, have influenced the digital transformation.

Digital tech disruption seen over the last decades has made it evident that it is critical to adopt to this phase of technological evolution. Industry and business must collect, assimilate and analyze data generated via machines, IoT devices and software, to act on it quickly to gain and sustain competitive advantage in this digital age. Industry 4.0 will transform how we manufacture, buy and consume products, manage transport and cities, manage user experience and advance medicine and health in future. However, this phase poses the challenge to consolidate and standardize the tech and everything else involved.

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