Real-time equipment mapping with the help of Trinetra tSense’s IoT solution

Sep 24 2021

Real-time equipment mapping with the help of Trinetra tSense’s IoT solution

Precise real-time equipment mapping can save construction industry and manufacturing companies millions in time spent looking for lost assets.

The use of real-time equipment mapping system allows a company to locate and track a number of equipment or assets via constant monitoring systems and using various technologies, especially wireless protocols. By mapping equipment or assets, this system allows to easily find the critical spots of the equipment or assets. Again by placing the monitoring system consisting of sensors critical to the process the equipment gets connected to an IoT platform.

Promising Potential

The real time equipment mapping system is driving the growth of the machine health monitoring. The indoor mapping technology has got potential to bring about a transformation in how companies conduct their business, regardless of the sector. It has found application in manufacturing healthcare, hospitality, law enforcement and in education. The growth of the indoor positioning technology is expected to reach 28% in the next 4 years, owing to the many benefits it offers.

Part of the IIoT Technology Stack

Thanks to the sensors and smart IoT devices the availability of smarter (and more relevant) machine data for manufacturers has given a significant advantage to them to improve and expand their business or product range. This involves the bundling of the IIoT technology stack and using all-in-one IIoT solutions to accelerate IIoT project timelines

This system offers new revenue streams and business opportunities for OEMs and manufacturers, enabled by data-driven services. This digital transformation sees the rise of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and other recurring revenue models replacing antiquated sales models. The indoor asset mapping system isn’t an independent technology, but needs to be integrated with many different systems and business practices and with different teams using and managing it at different points.

Saving Costs & Time

Precise real-time equipment mapping can save construction industry and manufacturing companies millions of dollars in the time spent looking for lost assets. It helps to improve their awareness on Machine Health monitoring to undertake the relevant action. This system helps to increase awareness and predict their machine operations, motivating to invest in solutions supporting this system with quick ROI and to improve market value by nearly 70% of products and the company.

Trinetra tSense has global expertise in providing IoT based solutions matching the business needs of clients. Out solution helps to adhere to your business needs. The solution provides you information and reports well before making valuable decisions. It helps you to make automation unique in challenging market conditions

Concluding Note

Any business or large enterprise can avail our services for developing a viable solution based on a universal scalable IoT platform. We develop powerful cloud-based IoT solutions that help in monitoring equipment or assets, as per the required or assigned parameters. Multiple assets can simultaneously integrated and run on our pre-built IIoT platform. Reduces manual intervention and machine downtime by using enhanced data flow, with support of real-time updates, reports and data analytics which is part of the onset of Industry 4.0

To get more details about our robust, customizable and scalable IIoT solutions, contact Trintetra tSense. Definitely we are only ready to help.


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