How Air Compressors in the Age of Industrial IoT are evolving

13 July 2021

How Air Compressors in the Age of Industrial IoT are evolving

The global industrial air compressor market is growing at an annual compound rate of 3.65%, with analysts predicting that the market would be more than $40 billion by 2025. While the market is poised for rapid growth, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to differentiate their offerings, to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

OEMs are always in the lookout to improve their product portfolio and bring value addition for their customers. The current spate of digital transformation is pushing businesses and industries to quickly adopt new technologies and IoT has become a significant game changer the world has ever seen and also considered the most important innovation of the century by most technocrats. It is supporting a new industrial revolution, generally referred to as Industry 4.0, and manufacturing ecosystems are fast adopting IoT technology, for the various advantages and benefits this fast growing tech offers.

Catering to the Air Compressor Market

Analysts say that the air compressor market Is witnessing a compounded annual growth rate of 3.65% which predicts a market worth if more than $40 billion by 2025. Factors that are driving the growth of the industrial air compressor market point to the availability of smarter (and more relevant) machine data for manufacturers and users.

In this effort, Trinetra t-Sense has strived to improve the awareness on Air Compressor Automation with the help of IIoT platform for manufacturers. This system helps to increase and predict their machine operations, plus it encourages to invest in solutions with quick ROI for the company. All this goes to improve market value of the OEMs.

A centralized solution and scalable platform at hand

Therefore, Trinetra is bundling the IIoT technology stack using all-in-one solutions to accelerate IIoT project timelines and quicker adoption across verticals. New revenue streams and business opportunities for manufacturers, enabled by data-driven services are in the forefront. So, Compressed Air as a Service (CaaS) and other recurring revenue models are replacing antiquated sales models. In fact, the market is poised for rapid growth and manufacturers are compelled to differentiate their product offerings to stand out in a competitive crowded market.

Trinetra has the global experience and expertise to provide niche solutions matching the customer’s needs. Our solutions help customer to adhere to their business needs more easily and the real-time data also helps managers to know more about the status or condition at the moment, before making valuable decisions We can make automation unique in meeting the challenging market conditions companies face.

The centralized solution offered is supported by technologies, such a GPS, to help monitor or track remote assets on a 24×7 basis which can remotely initiate action for correcting or rectifying issues. Come to know how our IIoT platform, which is a scalable one, can automate to alleviate your pain points, minimize intervention and increase awareness with information which also helps to improve the ROI and quality of the business. This can help you can increase your market value by 70%.

Whether you be an SME or a large enterprise, our team at t-Sense offers viable solutions based on a scalable platform. To support clients and customers, we develop powerful cloud-based IoT solutions that help in monitoring the required parameters of multiple assets simultaneously, run on a pre-built universal IoT platform. It helps reduces manual intervention and machine downtime and uses enhanced data flow with real-time updates, supported by data analytics.