Empowering OEMs for the digital era with IoT solutions

Feb 14 2020

Empowering OEMs for the digital era with IoT solutions

The impact of digital transformation is being felt in all quarters of industry and business globally. Evolving customer needs has seen growing complexity in machine design and manufacturing. So, OEM machine builders have to step up from their traditional machine design practices to deliver ‘smart’ machines that yield higher throughput and are safer, but reduce cost of operation.

If machine builders don’t integrate an Industrial IoT solution into their system first, they will miss out on an opportunity to grow and also to provide additional services to their customers or clients. It is now time an industrial Internet of Things solution is incorporated into the machines that are being built by them, again to provide those additional services for the customers.

OEMs should integrate industrial IoT solutions with their machines, in the manufacturing process and offer to sell the machine itself as a service based on its performance. The GPS Tracking system used with sensing devices built in to transfer data on various parameters is useful for monitoring and assessing performance in real-time. A web-based IoT platform can integrate a mobile app for users.

The IoT solution is to leverage and differentiate the OEM from other competitors. Obviously empowering OEMs with IoT offers great benefits in this digital age.

  • Performance: By monitoring machine performance the OEM can show value addition to the customers’ production process. New business models tend to sell machine as a service, with a performance based price structure. Customers benefit by reducing process lead time, waste and downtimes. In machine as a service customer does not pay for defects or downtime or replacement.
  • Maintenance: OEMs can collect useful data if the machine is connected online. the data accessible will show how the machine is working, if any anomaly is detected. So stakeholders can take be warned and made to take corrective actions. Analysing the data helps recognise machine failure in advance and help predictive maintenance. The data analysed can also help OEM to improve on maintenance, performance and make design alterations if required.
  • Big Data: if data is collected from all over the world a huge set of data can be obtained. This Big Data can be used to understand how machine design can be improved. A predictive maintenance strategy can be developed in a global scale with Big Data analysis by the manufacturer. As for the customer, he gets useful insights out of Big Data analysis, to his advantage that the OEM can share. Statistics and KPIs will help customers to benchmark their machine’s (or machinery’s) performance against the competition in the market.

The Trinetra T-Sense’s software platform empowers an OEM or any other company to plan and maximise utilisation of your machines and business assets with an IoT strategy for the digital era. How resourceful this web-based platform can be for your business or products can be discussed with our T-Sense team. With mobile app integration, the system enables to cut costs and improve efficiency. For more information, contact us or visit our Trinetra Tsense website.