How the Internet of Things makes Floor Care Equipment smarter?

Jan 29 2023

How the Internet of Things makes Floor Care Equipment smarter?

IT and software applications are increasingly used in our world. The Internet of Things is the latest application based tech that’s getting adopted across various businesses, sectors and enterprises. Multi-locational monitoring systems, using tech like GPS, for various equipment are rapidly gaining ground significantly impacted technological innovation. Cleaning and Floor Care Equipment too have joined the revolution. But can the Internet of Things make your floor care equipment really smarter and efficient?

Actually companies that invest in quality floor care equipment need to know the answer to this question. To get the right answer they need data and information. They also want to know if the machines are being used, when they’re being used and if they’re being used properly. But since the people responsible for knowing the answers are often hundreds of miles away from the work site, it’s nearly impossible to draw conclusions about floor care. Telemetry is an easy-to-use tool that provides companies with data needed that impact their bottom line. It’s a powerful way, as the tool gathers the information from various remote locations, to get you a good return on your investment, while properly training staff to operate more efficiently.

IoT solutions can connect a range of equipment

The answer is in connecting wirelessly all these cleaning equipment using a software which is cloud hosted and paves the way for the Internet of Things to play a vital role. The evolution of IoT has made it easier than ever to fetch information or data from remote places to a cloud based portal. The machines run normally without human interaction with data being gathered automatically. Asset management uses telemetry to track where floor care machines are physically located, how many hours it has run and use the data gathered to develop insightful reports and analytics.

Centralise platform has advantages

Such an IoT solution helps to manage cleaning equipment and operation from one platform and do more with less. Optimise cleaning resources for higher efficiency and standards. This solution caters to different requirements and schedules and even on-demand operations and can be mobile integrated. Data harnessed from floor cleaning machines offers actionable insights to implement performance based cleaning jobs. Machine uptime is critical for operations and contractors. Use the IoT platform to monitor in real-time the working of floor cleaning equipment remotely for maximum uptime, on-time maintenance, avert unplanned downtime, resource utilisation, customer satisfaction and support.

At Trinetra tSense we foresee the growing demand for IoT based projects, as in connected floor cleaning equipment. As more adopters join in the fray, IoT solutions support backward compatibility and integration which is called IoT retrofitting. The  IoT tech is surely pushing our world towards Industry 4.0. Apparently, IIoT technology will benefit us in the future, opening up novel opportunities and new revenue streams for enterprises and individuals. We have the team and expertise to build customised IoT solutions. Our website has more details. However you may submit an enquiry form, or email a request, and our we will contact you as soon as possible.