How Equipment OEMs are really benefited by IIoT

Nov 17 2022

How Equipment OEMs are really benefited by IIoT

Over the years we have seen the industrial manufacturing sector boarding the digital bandwagon eagerly with spending on IoT skyrocketing. The reason is, the world is riding on a digital transformation wave and the benefits of hi-tech solutions have resulted in rapid growth and expansion for businesses, industries and services.

Notably, the Industrial IoT solutions create a paradigm shift in the way equipment monitoring, maintenance and replacement is handled by companies and enterprises. Implementing IIoT based applications by using the cloud platform, has helped OEMs to address key challenges proactively and effectively.

Data Unavailability and Poor Visibility

Original Equipment Manufacturers of any sector lack real-time visibility and data on how their equipment perform at the end customer’s site. This factor is crucial for product development and quality enhancement. Industrial IoT-based solutions integrate cloud-based data analytics, mobile app support and a network of sensors at the Edge to offer insight and visibility.

Managing After-Sales Service

Servicing the equipment sold and deployed at site is a challenge as the lack of data and information could result in more breakdowns or unplanned downtime. Information regarding equipment will help in getting the right person (skillset) to get the right job. Otherwise repeated visits to client location would be costly and non-remunerative.

Why Migrate from Legacy Applications?

OEMS are migrating their legacy applications to the IoT cloud platform considering the multiple benefits that can be realised.

  • The cloud hosted IIoT solutions for OEMs offer easy migration without much disruption to business or factory operations.
  • It offers a secured backup for data storage and the transition is also cost-effective as investing in IT infrastructure and servicing old software is costly and best avoided.
  • Data hosted on the cloud offers better security and protection at all times.
  • Cloud based info collects data from every equipment, production line, device, department, etc. to be processed/analysed in one place to produce and then access reports in real-time.
  • Automate your data processing and integrate it with limitless sensors and devices without high costs or manpower to scale up.
  • Develop and deploy applications on a customised platform to get real insights for all stakeholders and quick decision making.

IIoT Is Changing the Way Maintenance and Machine Replacement is Done

IIoT software can analyse data for the company’s maintenance management system to generate checklists, reports and work orders. More data from device sensors help to implement a host of new applications for reports, service and replacement to optimise performance, improve revenue and also save money.

  • Sensors can offer condition based maintenance schedules and initiate automatic work request.
  • Use predicted or scheduled downtime instead of halting operations to fix something during breakdown
  • Automated alerts can be set and sent to relevant persons when there is discrepancy in the parameters monitored or data acquired.
  • Continual monitoring of equipment will track data points like vibration rate, fluid levels, pressure, temperature, speed, inventory, etc. that will reflect the status of the equipment in real-time.

IIoT based projects. have great potential as it supports business growth offering backward compatibility and integration of existing systems, also known as IoT retrofitting. We are surely moving us towards Industry 4.0. Nevertheless, IIoT technology will benefit all adopters now and in the future, by identifying new opportunities and revenue streams. Trinetra tSense has expertise to build you customised solutions on the IoT platform. Our website will offer more details. Please submit the enquiry form, or email to us a request, and we will contact you.