The concept of IoT retrofitting is fast catching up.

Sep 22 2020

The concept of IoT retrofitting is fast catching up.

Digital Transformation is driving more industries and businesses to adopt IT and IoT enabled solutions into their existing systems to meet present day challenges.

The digital transformation wave is forcing many industries and businesses to adopt electronic or software solutions into their systems. As the world faces challenges, the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath has disrupted our lives and forced a new normal to be followed. Probably this has also pushed industrial retrofitting with IoT elements and the democratisation of equipment and devices to the forefront. An IIoT platform can enable various devices to communicate with each other using networking and cellular technologies.

IoT is able to help reuse many old devices, extending its life. Technologies like microelectronics and miniaturisation have given a second lease of life to many equipment by retrofitting them. Many step-by-step tutorials help to install a connected chip in your equipment or to help to digitally connect your legacy system. YouTube channels have made many DIY tutorials easily available for retrofitting gadgets. Retrofitting helps save costs of replacement or deter costly overhauls.

Retrofitting the Waste Collection Bin.

We take up the case of Waste Collection & Management where implementation of IoT can help the authorities of a Smart City project. Here the existing garbage bins can be retro-fitted with sensors that are wirelessly connected (via the internet), that will enable them to gather & send information (data) on the bin’s fill level, temperature, location and many other parameters as required.

Data-driven System

This data can be used by a waste collection system or the mangers to guide waste collection vehicles (garbage Trucks) putting them on an automated route plan to priorities the collection of waste from every bin and location. Generally enabling an IoT software solution into your system benefits you and your operations or business.

Benefits of Retrofitting

  • Retrofitting adds value to the immovable or movable assets
  • Legacy system is digitalised/modernised
  • Adding to life of equipment and assets
  • Positive effect on ROI
  • Data analytics support prompt decision-making
  • Cost-effective way to increase efficiency and productivity
  • IoT enablement stops obsolescence of capital equipment

To Conclude

Nevertheless, retrofitting is getting more acceptable and straightforward. The desire to obtain data from equipment and gadgets has been around for a long time but work in closed loop or local environments. With the advent of networking and cloud technology, things are changing. The introduction of Industrial IoT (IIoT) expands the type of sensing, the area and the time of sensing.

IoT enablement brings computing power to the edge and also networking capability. There is an increasing range of choices now and sensors are gaining more processing abilities. With new challenges cropping up and rapid changes happening in markets, it is wise not to be left behind and be quick to adopt the change or trend.

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