Industrial IoT is evolving and changing the manufacturing industry

Feb 14 2023

Industrial IoT is evolving and changing the manufacturing industry

The digital transformation we are witnessing the world over has revolutionised manufacturing industries in their work and operations. It has also created a need for new technologies and IoT stands in the forefront of change. Industries in manufacturing, transportation, automotive, energy and healthcare can really benefit from IoT technology by employing advanced analytical solutions and software applications in their process, daily work and operations.

Machines are the primary players in the manufacturing process. Industrial Internet of Things, also called IIoT, refers to connected machines and equipment integrated to a cloud hosted platform. It is by using industry grade applications and connectivity to monitor, collect and analyse data that IoT increase efficiency, profitability and cut cost for industry and businesses.

Data for Machine Monitoring

This manufacturing system, connected IoT platform, uses sensors and devices installed in the machines, systems and assembly or production lines to collect and transmit data or analytical information relevant for managers and technicians, that create great opportunities for the company or industry to solve problems, enhance performance and improve ROI. Analytics can yield insightful reports to help informed decision-making, problem-solving and recommendations for the industry leaders to manage their businesses competitively.

Some of the IIoT Monitoring Solutions that are being used include: Process Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, Pressure Monitoring, Flow Monitoring, Water Quality Monitoring, Remote Asset Monitoring and Machine Health Monitoring. As factories become more automated, there is more potential for digitalising and gathering data. Machines and warehouses are getting interconnected seamlessly with IoT based solutions. Data analytics offer deeper information and data for applying Machine Learning and AI tools.

The benefits of IoT tech for manufacturing industry

Streamlines asset tracking and Location:

The sheer volume of assets needed to be tracked or monitored in industries, is a challenge. Mobile assets are also a challenge to locate. IoT tech answers these challenges with GPS and other technologies to develop solutions.

Supports Quality Control:

Quality Management involves monitoring processes and array of machine parameters like temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. The IoT platform supports all such tasks effectively and with better accuracy. IoT devices and sensors help to collect data for the quality control department to meet quality standards such as GMP and ISO.

Supports Warehouse Management:

Inventory management and Logistics are critical elements in manufacturing because of the changing demands, increasing complexity and rising costs. Sometimes investment of millions may not be successful as firms may fail to address or anticipate unique challenges in aspects like cost, speed, capacity and complexity.

Supports Predictive Management:

Predictive management helps manufacturers to avoid downtime and equipment failure. IoT helps to connect devices and machines to the internet for data collection and analysis in real-time. It helps to foresee and identify potential issues before they actually happen.

At Trinetra tSense we foresee the growing demand for IoT based solutions, as more adopters join in the fray. Industrial IoT solutions support backward compatibility and integration which is called IoT retrofitting. This technology is surely pushing industries towards Industry 4.0. Ostensibly, IIoT has a promising future for opening up innovative opportunities and new revenue streams for enterprises and individuals. Our team has the expertise to build customised IoT solutions for industrial clients.