SigFox strategically moves to the Google Cloud for global reach & growth

July 6 2021

SigFox strategically moves to the Google Cloud for global reach & growth

With the coming of Low Power WAN technologies like SigFox, IoT deployment enters a new phase of expansion globally and numerically.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most potent technological innovation happening all over the world and wireless technologies have a critical role to play in this space. So, cellular technology like 4G and 5G can play a vital role to help change potential of the business and even the entire industry. In this techno turf Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is a technology specially designated for IoT.

SigFox is a LPWAN technology that is gaining ground widely, as devices connected to SigFox need very little power to function. It can also operate over longer distances when compared to other protocols like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which work in shorter distances and use more power. SigFox technically differs from other LPWAN networks by the method it transmits data and by electrical guidelines governing speed, quantity and duration of the data transmitted. It is best for low-power applications requiring tiny amount of power over long distances and infrequently, therefore it finds application in asset management, agriculture and industry.

As the world’s largest service provider of a dedicated LPWAN network, the SigFox’s oG network is deployed globally in 72 countries, used for a wide range of use cases that encompasses tracking and monitoring of assets like containers, vehicles, etc. Owing to the proliferation of the number of internet connected devices, SigFox processes billions of messages per month from millions of connected objects on its network. So, the company needed a more scalable solution and decided to shift to the clod environment.

Google Cloud was chosen and the partnership was announced in February this year, as this would transform the potential of many of the applications found across a bouquet of industries that includes automotive, supply chain and logistics. Google provides the enterprise grade cloud solution, using cutting-edge technology, as the trusted partner helping to solve critical business problems.

Google Cloud will now be the backbone of SigFox’s platform, enabling it for better scalability, services, compliance and reliability of SigFox’s solutions which includes tackling components in a supply chain, sensors fitted for container monitoring, data from gas-meters, etc. SigFox’s shift to the cloud environ will help provide a seamless scalability to manage phenomenal data growth.

Trinetra tSense with its expertise and experience can provide IoT solutions using SigFox for needy clients. Surely there’s going to be greater IoT support and requirements in future across various businesses and industries. There’s also huge potential for backward compatibility and greater possibility for IoT retrofitting, as IoT gets applied and innovated at commercial, consumer and enterprise levels, moving forward to Industry 4.0. This the term that we refer to explain our entering the fourth industrial revolution, potentially driven by technologies such as large-scale M2M communications, the IoT ecosystem, application of AI and ML. IIoT technology aims to benefit all stakeholders involved in this digital ecosystem, offering to garner new revenue streams and business growth.