Waste Management Solution with IoT for Efficient & Cost-effective Operations

Waste Management Solution with IoT for Efficient & Cost-effective Operations

INDUSTRY: Waste Management

Solution : Waste Management Solution with IoT


The client Is a leading Waste Management Collection and Recycling company operating in the UAE and runs the service globally. The client is also handling Waste Collection related to the Smart City project.

The Business Need

The client’s business involves in the timely collection of waste and in properly utilizing the assets (trucks, bins, etc.) to the maximum. As the vehicles for waste collection go out in random to collect the waste from bins located around the area, there was no awareness as to when and where to assign these vehicles with regard to the bin’s status (level of waste deposited).

The Solution Implemented

Waste collection and management is a huge network in the UAE region. Managing the assets during business hours is really challenging. Waste management companies and municipalities have barely used the technological innovations to improve their operational efficiency. So far they have only improved on route efficiencies. Even with route optimisation, the waste level must be checked physically in the dumpster bin. This results in waste of time and money, as dumpster bins that need no emptying are also visited by vehicles.

By using Trinetra T-Sense’s smart IoT devices and sensors, waste management companies can cut costs, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. A very complex urban waste collection process requires significantly more resources manually. To reduce operational cost dumpster bins are fixed with sensors to know the volume and weight inside. The level of waste to be collected can be set. Those in charge of the respective location will be alerted on bin filling, based on which the route assignment will be done to specific vehicles and no pickups are missed.

T-Sense’s has IoT smart devices, sensors and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity to reduce unnecessary expenses due to operational inefficiencies, in the smart waste collection process, by enabling effective decisions.


  • Reduced Operation Costs by smart waste management
  • Quick alerts on bin filling and other parameters
  • Ensures improved truck usage and time utilization
  • Route Management based on bin filling alerts
  • Improved Vehicle Utilization
  • Efficient bin collection process