IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions for Pyrolysis Plants

IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions for Pyrolysis Plants

INDUSTRY: Pyrolysis Plant

Solution : IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions

The Client

The client is a leading OEM who manufactures data loggers and controllers. This equipment is being used to obtain critical information/data when installed in a Pyrolysis plant.

The Business Need

The client’s need is to remotely monitor effectively with the installed sensors with instant data updates to the Data Logger and Controller which are placed/connected in the plant location. Hence there will be no need for any person to visit the plant to know the current status of the sensors, which may cause a big issue in the case of plant shutdown.

The Solution Implemented

Operational efficiency is monitored by the Pyro Data Analyser (PDA) which is a mini-controller, a rugged IoT based instrument that exploits in full the potential of latest advancements in measuring, like the pressure, temperature, fuel level sensors to transmit data without using expensive interface and software licenses. Controlling and monitoring parameters like pressure, temperature gas leakage, etc. in a Pyrolysis plant is a challenge where a human presence is needed. Trinetra T-Sense’s smart IIoT data-driven approach and solutions ensure full potential of these parameters are provided, to transmit data instantly without using expensive interface or human intervention.

The smart solution by T-Sense also provides quick and tailor-made alerts for specific events, like in the case of any one or more parameters exceeding the set limits from different sensors, or when the extra gas is vented automatically by the opening of a solenoid valve, in the Pyrolysis Plant. The uptime of the industrial asset is also maximised by providing data-based analysis reports, which ensures benefits or business gains. This solution is via versatile devices that can be used in pyrolysis reactors, incinerators, gasifiers, or boilers.


  • Local and remote monitoring of pyrolysis reactor for temperature and pressure
  • Designed for rugged industrial use
  • Ensures instant updates to the plant supervisor
  • Improves awareness on the machine’s wear and tare
  • Increases the life of machines in the plant