T-Sense Provides Advanced PLC Monitoring Solution for Fire-Fighting Trucks

T-Sense Provides Advanced PLC Monitoring Solution for Fire-Fighting Trucks

Industry : OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

Solution : Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) Monitoring


The client is a leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of Fire-Fighting Trucks, who serves customers from all over the world. The client, one of the highest sellers, has the manufacturing unit in Dubai, UAE, to make and sell these Emergency Fire-Fighting Trucks worldwide.

The Business Need

The client’s Fire & Safety Tuck has a PLC (programmable logic controller) which captures data relevant to the vehicle’s operations and on parameters based on the tasks provided on the vehicle, such as Water Level, Foam Level, etc. But to read and write the data from the PLC, the client was looking for solution that is further advanced and to get complete control over the PLC, in order to make this solution as a value addition to help increase the sales of the Fire & Safety trucks worldwide. These emergency vehicles are being sold from the UAE to customers across the world.

The Solution Implemented

Trinetra’s Fleet Management, Mobility & IoT Solutions team uses its domain expertise, with a solution oriented approach, to provide innovative IoT solutions. T-Sense focuses on providing, to unique and complex requirements, an innovative, effective solution. In this case, the client who is one of the biggest sellers of fire and safety trucks across the world, has implemented on their trucks a PLC that provides detailed insight from the parameters it captures.

The T-Sense solution helps to reduce manual intervention and captures real-time data regarding water level, foam level, etc. There are 41 parameters captured along with critical parameters, along with live data about the moving vehicle. As Fire & Safety vehicles are used in emergency situations, the data reporting and reading frequency has to be ‘spot-on’. The solution also helps to monitor the lifespan of both the vehicle as well as the PLCs.


  • Instant Read and Write on PLC
  • Quick alerts on critical parameters & Remote Diagnostics
  • Ensures rea- time updates during emergency situations
  • Monitoring, Scheduling and control over the assets
  • Satisfying customer with visibility on-the-go