Smart Asset Monitoring & Management System for Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs)

Smart Asset Monitoring & Management System for Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs)

INDUSTRY: Original Equipment Manufacturer

Trinetra’s Smart Asset Monitoring & Management system that delivers major savings.

Data management application with services that provide data enriched graphical representation to help businesses manage and monitor their assets more efficiently.


Our client is an Original Equipment Manufacturer who are makers of waste bins with sensory attachments that can be connected wirelessly to an IoT platform for smart management of the bins, as part of a smart waste management system. These bins are usually used in smart city projects by the garbage disposal contractor or the city authority in charge of it.

The Problem Outline

The client needed a solution to monitor the Waste Collection Bins in real-time, using maps for location and logistics purposes that can be GPS enabled. They needed to keep track of all the bins and predict the fill up level of the bins. They needed this to improve the proper utilization of asset, with route planning for the waste collection schedule to save costs and also to make sure the collection vehicles don’t miss any pick-up of a waste bin anywhere.

The Solution Summary

What the client required is a 24/7 centralized monitoring system with Waste Bins (fullness) updates in a single map view. The solution objective is to improve value addition for the assets, by monitoring its parameters consistently with a more automated system and modernized assets to provide clients with instant updates. This will save time and utilization costs.

Trinetra went about developing the solution based on these pain points. The solution prepared is capable to configure, monitor and plan everyday waste management activities; to know about waste bin filling status and collection status instantly. This results in improving assets’ performance and improved awareness of the daily tasks and routines. The solution thus offers an overall improved brand value and ensures customer satisfaction for the OEM.

Takeaways from a flexible IoT based system

  • OEM Software by in-house developer matches all customer requirements
  • Tailor-made and customised solution made specific for particular business needs
  • Data-driven results and trends used for timely decision-making
  • Domain expertise and solution experts work closely to provide value to the business
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting by the software
  • Saves Time and Costs over time.

Outcome / Result

The OEM solution developed for the waste bin remote asset monitoring has benefited the client and added value to the product in many ways.

  • An IoT based Modular Solution made for centralised 24×7 monitoring of assets
  • Streamlines the collection vehicles’ day-to-day routine activities
  • Improved visibility over all vehicles and waste collection needs in real time
  • Time and Cost Saving for focused work and better results
  • Value Addition to improve productivity and performance


With the increasing levels of urbanisation and industrialisation across the globe, the quantity of waste generated is expected to increase to nearly 2.3 billion tonnes annually by 2020. The automated system for garbage collection and disposal has significant benefits to pass on.

  • Day-to-Day planning and scheduling of the vehicles based on collection bin status made easy
  • Improves utilization of vehicles by 50% and the business a focused approach.
  • Increases 60% visibility on waste bin filling status via monitoring
  • 80% lower waste management costs
  • Improves Time Management and employee efficiency by 70%

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Client testimonials

“Our experience with Trinetra’s software solution is absolutely useful as the wireless IoT devices are very accommodating, responsive and easy to work with.”

– Chief Technical Officer.