IoT Remote Asset Monitoring Solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs)

IoT Remote Asset Monitoring Solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs)

INDUSTRY: Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEMs)

Industries served by digital transformation go on to build scalable and powerful IoT remote asset monitoring solution.

An interactive Platform-as-a-Service application is dynamically customized to ensure 24/7 access to all its critical parameters, to improve digitalization of premium products.


The client who approached us is a successful Original Equipment Manufacturer and makers of industrial machines who is also a major vendor of Generators and manufactures Generator Controllers. They serve a nation-wide market with a large customer-base.

The Problem Outline

The client needed a solution to remotely monitor the Generators installed in different locations and know the Parameters in real-time updates from the machines. They required a user-friendly User Interface with 24/7 access to all these parameters and to control them wherever possible.

The Solution Summary

The client actually needed a 24/7 centralized monitoring system, an automated solution, to constantly monitor information remotely. They required a modular solution that can be integrated to the generators to trigger alerts and send updates instantly, constantly that will save time and modernise the equipment to the present trend. Trinetra’s IIoT platform had the answer to these requirements and supplied it tailored to the client’s needs.

Advantages of a flexible IoT based system

The focus on solving the pain-points offered major advantages to the client as an OEM:

  • To improve their market value and be unique and distinguished from other competitors.
  • Resulted in improving the performance of generator sales.
  • Greatly improved the visibility into operations, via the critical parameters monitored.
  • It improved overall brand value and ensured customer satisfaction.

Outcome / Result

  • OEM and software developed in-house matching customer requirements.
  • Delivered a tailor-made and customised solution made specific for their needs.
  • Enabled data driven results and trends for timely decision making.
  • Domain expertise and solution experts worked closely to provide value to the business.
  • Enables expectation based monitoring and custom based reporting via the IoT platform.


  • The expertise in developing the IoT remote asset monitoring solution has led to automation of premium products, dramatically customised on an interactive PaaS application.
  • It improved visibility by 70 % and improved sales by 30 %.
  • By knowing fault trends by 40%, it improved the product quality substantially.
  • Enabled the management of assets and maintenance schedules efficiently.
  • Generates utilisation reports for better decision making.
  • Streamlines operations to save cost and time.
  • Value addition by improved performance and productivity of assets.

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Client testimonials

“We view our association with T-Sense as a game changer for our generator business across the market, because using Trinetra’s PaaS solution got our products connected and controllable via the web and mobile app, in a stress-free manner, enabling us to give our customers the features they really need and demand.”
– Chief Operations Officer