Enhancing Asset Productivity & Lifespan with IoT-enabled Monitoring for High Voltage Rectifier Transformers

Enhancing Asset Productivity & Lifespan with IoT-enabled Monitoring for High Voltage Rectifier Transformers

INDUSTRY: High Voltage Rectifier Transformer

Communicate with your assets anywhere, to improve productivity and lifespan.

Monitor critical parameters of HVR’s and get performance based alerts & support on data-oriented decision-making via the IoT platform.


Our customer is a leading manufacturer of high frequency &  high voltage rectifier transformer sets. They also design & manufacture different models of OEM transformer rectifiers with control panels that are deployed for clean air applications for pollution & emission control in power plants.

The Problem Outline.

The client needed to monitor the performance and life span of the on-field assets (high voltage rectifier transformer) in order to extend machine (OEM) lifespan.

The concerned technical manager, on advice of the VP (Technical), needed a software to have complete monitoring of assets specially to know maintenance details well in advance for easy AMC sign up. They needed to implement preventive alerts to improve asset quality and also improve overall manpower and cost savings.

The Solution Summary.

After analysing the requirements in detail, Trinetra came up with the solution to meet their requirements. The tailor-made and customised solution is made specific for client’s business needs. The solution has OEM and Software in-house developer for matching customer requirements. It can instantly monitoring critical parameters with its trends, for easy data-based decision-making. The performance of the high voltage rectifier transformer can be easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes. The implementation will Improve machine quality and lifespan via its performance monitoring. Using the remote diagnostics application helps to know the trend of faults and improvement needed.

Takeaways from a flexible IoT platform

  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting provided by the solution.
  • Results in improving productivity of fixed and remote assets.
  • Preventive Faults Notification and Remote Diagnostics provided.
  • Overall improved brand value ensures customer retention
  • Data driven approach for timely decision-making
  • Domain expertise and Solution experts work closely to provide value to business
  • Saves Time and Costs over Time.

Outcome / Result

Performance of the assets was easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes, which previously took weeks. This resulted in improving employee productivity and asset quality.

  • 48% of the faults were corrected within 60 seconds.
  • Overall energy savings of about 10 percent per annum with ROI in less than 18 months.
  • Improved labour efficiency with 32,000 work orders per quarter.
  • Know your assets’ performance
  • Improved visibility over your assets
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Value Addition to improve productivity

Client testimonials

“We view our partnership with Trinetra as a game changer for our business, enabling us to provide our customers with the features and capabilities they prefer and that helps us to expand. Overall this smart product is mutually beneficial.”

-Technical Manager.