Remote Generator Monitoring for Telecommunication Industry

Remote Generator Monitoring for Telecommunication Industry

Industry : Tele Communication

Solution : Remote Generator Monitoring Solution


A leading generator manufacturing / leasing company that leases generators to cater the customer needs in the region of Mumbai & Noida. With its unique network of locations, equipment and technical services, the company supports it’s customers in generating profits by reducing risk, solving problems and creating new opportunities.

Business Requirement

Monitoring of generators becomes extremely critical to run their operations and the company was looking for a full fledged asset management hosted solution to ensure optimal performance and timely maintenance services.

Trinetra Solution

The generators provided to Industrial Factories/companies are installed with Trinetra tSense solutions which has enabled them to monitor all important events like Oil Pressure, generator’s location, fuel level, running hours, engine temperature, battery voltage, power outputs, engine runtime & RPM and much more. With Trinetra, the company can now easily track the utilization time of generators, read generator instruments, loads monitoring in real time along with fault reports and alert notifications. Trinetra has added value to their business by providing the organization with a full-fledged solution including maintenance reminders, real time updates and extensive reports. With Trinetra – Remote Generator Monitoring & Asset Management hosted solution on their side, it’s now become easy for the company to view the 30+ critical data of each generator’s important parameters and also generate reports from the application.


  • Effective Generator utilization
  • Monitor unauthorized usage
  • Increased Generator security
  • Maximized productivity & improve generators lifespan
  • On time fixing of issues / faults
  • Instant alerts on critical parameters