IoT Solution for Ensuring Freshness of Cold Stored Food in Cold Storage Industry

IoT Solution for Ensuring Freshness of Cold Stored Food in Cold Storage Industry

INDUSTRY: Cold Storage

Solution: Ensuring the freshness of cold stored food with intelligent IoT Solution

The Client

The client Is a leading importer and exporter of FMCG products in Saudi Arabia, who runs the service globally. Since it is global operations, maintaining the quality of goods and materials stored plays an important part in business productivity and improvement.

The Business Need

The client’s business needed an IoT solution with the ability to track the in-store devices like refrigerators, chillers or freezers, to monitor the parameters like temperature and humidity. The solution should also be able to detect the flaws in the equipment, and also provide details related to the temperature, humidity, etc. Another aspect is to mainly set the business rules, based on the usage and pre-set threshold values with instant alerts. These alerts and related information help the client to take remedial measures instantly and to improve the quality of the food and products in the storage units.

The Solution Implemented

The healthiness of food in storage ensures safety of business for the customers of the client. The client is a big player in the FMCG storage and distribution business globally, with its HO in Saudi Arabia. To maintain the quality of foods up to the standards expected by his customers, the integration was achieved through an IoT solution.

Considering the client’s daily operations, Trinetra T-Sense provided an efficient temperature sensing solution which will upscale the productivity and increase ROI directly by full utilisation of the in-store equipment.

With the help of the solution, retailers can keep track of the in-store devices, like the refrigerators, chillers and freezers, and monitor the parameters like temperature and humidity. Breaches in the working of the equipment are detected by the temperature sensors placed inside to measure the temperature and humidity in relation to the environmental conditions.

For better prediction of breaches, alerts are triggered and notified on the dashboard (of web application and mobile app) in order to take timely remedial measures. The client can also track refrigerated vehicles in real-time.  In the solution, multiple sensors are integrated, like the Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Door Sensors, Spill Sensors and Tilt Sensors. The information is detailed by the solution before being passed on to the Customer’s view.

Trinetra t-Sense uses predictive algorithms implemented on machine learning, to identify proactively device failures based on actual data, which is taken in correlation to weather conditions. Not only the hardware, but for the software based on 3rd party, integration is also made possible through APIs by sending the necessary required information to the client’s ERP.

Using Trinetra T-Sense IoT smart devices and sensors and machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, the client can reduce unnecessary expenses because of operational inefficiencies in the process.


  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Multi Sensor Migrating and Instant Alerts
  • Ensures Food quality and freshness through environment monitoring
  • Warehouse Temperature Critical Monitoring
  • Improve Productivity based performance
  • Data Driven Decision making