Transform Your Supply Chain Management with an IoT Solution

Transform Your Supply Chain Management with an IoT Solution


Solution: Supply Chain Management

The Client

The client has operations across the UAE and globally, as a leading exporter and distributor of fresh and perishable foods. The client operates over 500 vehicles for the transportation, up to last mile delivery, of vegetables and fruits. They are monitored from the pickup point at farms, up to the export delivery point.

The Business Need

Client has requested for a solution that will focus on quality of their main form of export, that of the fresh fruits and vegetables. This is to ensure that its freshness is preserved right from the starting point from the farms and then during transportation to the warehouse and subsequently when packed and shipped to different parts of UAE and the world.

The Solution Implemented

The Trinetra t-Sense solution for the supply chain helps to monitor the state in which equipment operate or products are being transported, as in refrigerated vehicles. It helps to get an insight into the condition of products across the supply chain. It also supports a better plan for the future, as the system knows how to optimize operations, better utilise assets and predict failures (faults).

A very significant transformation opportunity in supply chain management is be the ability to know the past, present and the future of every asset across the entire chain. For that these conditions have to be met –

  • Every asset in the supply chain needs to be provided with an identity.
  • Need to enable connectivity and data transfer between all assets across the supply chain.
  • Automatically manage all of these assets simultaneously.

The challenge for most transport companies is to maintain freshness of perishable food right from the place of cultivation till they reach the end client. This last mile approach will decide how long-lasting the business will be in the market.

As per the requirement to keep food fresh and quality to be monitored till the last mile, Trinetra provided the solution to maintain temperature and humidity, aligned with the environment in the farms and warehouses, where vegetables and fruits are stored. The ability to analyse temperature and adjust the parameters throughout the supply process proved to be the game changer in the competition. Aligning to keep food fresh during the journey, monitoring with temperature rise and fault notification, along with vehicle updates, as in refer trucks, all play a huge role here.

IIoT and Machine Intelligence has advanced to be able to address complex pain points with a solution that has less manual intervention. Collecting and analysing the avalanche of data streaming in from sensors in various gadgets/assets of the intelligent and adaptable IoT solution, greatly, supports in automating the process.


  • Improves Automation in Supply chain
  • Ensures quick Last Mile delivery
  • Quick data updating from multiple Sensors
  • Unified Platform for multiple operations
  • All-in-one edge-to-cloud solution
  • Reduces operating cost & improves productivity