Enhancing Cold Storage Supply Chain with IoT-enabled Monitoring

Enhancing Cold Storage Supply Chain with IoT-enabled Monitoring

INDUSTRY: Cold Storage Supply Chain Monitoring

The Client

The client is a leading player in cold room storage and a major solution provider in North India and have their offices in the Mumbai region. They are also providing cold room monitoring solution for those clients who are utilising their services.

The Business Requirement

To provide cold room monitoring services to the end client, the company mainly required data on the parameters related to the condensing and evaporating units, which will help them to provide their customers with a more quality based service.

The Solution Implemented

Cold room monitoring is a booming premium industry where services are provided for multiple distributors of perishable goods, for preserving and monitoring food & medicine at the required temperatures. This service helps in developing the business which in turn helps in customer satisfaction and retention.

As there is heavy competition in the market for cold room storage solutions, the client needs to provide some more value addition to their end-clients and help them to sustain their business better in the market. The client had approached Trinetra t-sense for a solution, with the expertise to implement one that’s tailor-made for their existing business requirements of cold room monitoring of perishable goods in storage.

With the T-Sense IoT solution the client and their customers can monitor the prime parameters of condensing and vapourinsing of units in the cold room storage, as these parameters directly impact the temperature of the cold room. Therefore, the end-users can easily derive at the root cause of critical temperature breaches. After implementing our solution, the client has been benefited greatly. Based on this the client recommended it to their end-users as a completed package.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Improves awareness on critical parameters
  • Ensures intelligent data for business based decision-making
  • Quick updating of Data from multiple parameters
  • All-in-one edge-to-cloud solution
  • Quick Go-To-Market solutions
  • Enhanced data driven analytics
  • Pre-built, out-of-the-box infrastructure
  • Improves productivity based on quick data analysis