An Industrial IoT Solution Provider for OEM Industry

An Industrial IoT Solution Provider for OEM Industry



The Client

The client is a leading Industry owning a unit related to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and they also run this service at a global level. Since it is a global market, getting information based on their devices, need to be instant for quick decision-making, which will in turn give the client a bigger increase in profitability.

The Business Need

Client wants a Real-world IoT implementation, which is still very challenging primarily due to two reasons:

  • The massive complexity involved in creating, managing and updating IoT applications worldwide.
  • The difficulties companies face when extracting, analysing, and acting upon huge amounts of data being continuously generated.

The Solution Implemented

Collecting and analysing data from physical assets has huge potential, as the original equipment manufacturing industry is about to witness its transformative effect, but various challenges inherent in dealing with the avalanche of data streaming from the millions of fixed and mobile assets deployed have to be overcome.

Industrial manufacturing companies are further confronted by the daunting challenge of actually building an IoT infrastructure, as there are difficulties involved in making the different parts of the infrastructure – the devices, network connectivity, and cloud applications – all work together.

SOLVING the complexity of INDUSTRIAL IOT is a priority. IoT applications require significant end-to-end infrastructure in order to transmit and process the data they produce and to integrate it into systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planners (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Designing and building enterprise-scale IoT solutions require a balance of both network edge and cloud processing. If a company only relies on cloud processing, it could face costs, bandwidth and latency issues, as it must transmit huge amounts of unfiltered information, but relying only on edge processing can cause immense complexity too.

Trinetra T-Sense is providing all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution, with a pre-built, out-of-the box infrastructure, which can extract information from a wide variety of equipment types, using both modern and legacy communication protocols and also the tools to easily assemble info into “event streams,” the organizing unit for managing IoT data in the cloud.

Trinetra T-Sense also has the ability to change data processing rules and be able to easily change edge device rules and configurations, besides update the applications when needed, which is a major advantage. Trinetra T-Sense approach to data orchestration allows IoT data to be distributed and seamlessly integrated into all major ERP or CRM systems for analysis.


  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Quick Data updating from multiple Assets
  • all-in-one, edge-to-cloud solution
  • pre-built, out-of-the box infrastructure
  • Improve Productivity based on quick data analysis
  • Data Driven Decision Making