IoT-Based Remote Monitoring System for Cleaning Equipment Efficiency and Predictive Maintenance

IoT-Based Remote Monitoring System for Cleaning Equipment Efficiency and Predictive Maintenance


An accredited company in India Manufacturing a diverse range of Cleaning Equipment that give outstanding performance & lowest maintenance cost. To remain at par with the competition in the industry they have utilised emerging technology to get accurate picture of everything for analysis.

The Problem Outline

Client is looking at ways to provide the highest standard product & Quality of service to their Clients, for this they preferred remote monitoring system that can monitor machine health, assist analyse vast volumes of data & do accurate prediction of potential problems.

The Solution Summary

We with domain & solution expertise team provided them with IOT System that enabled them to set up monitoring temperature, review of oil temperature, pressure & RPM of the engine to optimise its operations. Especially with sensors integrated to the manufactured Cleaning Machine they could get better insights into the operations and fix any faults in quick TAT. IoT enabled cleaning equipment gives supervisors the ability to remotely monitor performance, track the location, usage history, maintenance schedule and battery charge of equipment for maximised operational efficiencies.

Adoption of this technological advances enabled the client to transform their businesses from reactive to proactive and predictive. With cutting edge technology & functionality, they were able to give their customers the best, set benchmark in the industry well beyond any other product in the market. Our solution enabled them to analyse problems by accessing Logged data from sensors and indicator lights installed on machines. By using these actionable insights into the critical sources manufacturers can reduce the maintenance cover under warranty period, increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and avoid disruption of operation in real time.

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