Maximizing Drilling Rig Equipment’s Efficiency: Improving Operations & Reducing Costs with IoT Solutions

Maximizing Drilling Rig Equipment’s Efficiency: Improving Operations & Reducing Costs with IoT Solutions


Renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of drilling rig machines which finds application across segments. They wanted to industrial IOT and offer Rig machines integrated with IOT technology to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making and increase the value of the business.

The Problem Outline

Client faced challenge in monitoring the equipment availability, not knowing maintenance details upfront that lead to downtime and significant productivity loss. They were in need of Industrial IOT technology solution to automate the vital health monitoring process, predict failure points and improve productivity by carrying out planned maintenance activities efficiently.

The Solution Summary

We replaced their legacy methods and offered them IOT technology solution, to continuously monitor their critical rig equipment and improve diagnostics accuracy. Telematics system was set up to monitor Engine Operation Parameters and collect significant data to determine the effectiveness, efficiency of drilling. This advanced sensing technology enabled them to enable preventive maintenance and thereby avoid equipment breakdown failures.

Features that meet customer demands

  • Sensors fetched equipment’s health data and displayed informative insights
  • Increased operational efficiency through condition monitoring
  • Reduced operational costs through preventive maintenance
  • Enabled them to Predict malfunctions and schedule service maintenance ahead

Now client can monitor machine running time, fuel consumption during idling, Optimal & overload mode, and vibration status of the machine easily, analyse various reports compiled within minutes, which previously took weeks. Utilizing machine data with respect to fuel consumption, engine operation parameters they reduced break down costs, saved drilling time and ultimately helped improve operation efficiency.

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