IoT Solution for Product Safety and Reduced Pilferage during Container Journey

IoT Solution for Product Safety and Reduced Pilferage during Container Journey

Smart IoT Solutions support to ensure product safety during container journey with less investments for automation and monitoring


The client is a truck body building manufacturer involved in manufacturing container bodies who needed a centralized solution for tracking and monitoring their finished containers post-sales. The objective was for value addition to their assets, plus to improve market and brand values.

The Problem Outline

The client wanted to distinct from their competitors and improve upon their market value and be unique. The company aimed at ensuring safety of their containers during its journeys. They sought a centralized solution for easy monitoring of these moving assets on a 24×7 basis with the support of a software. This also will help to reduce theft or pilferage from the containers. They wanted an overall improvement in brad value and to result in quicker ROI.

The Solution Summary

After thoroughly appraising the needs and requirements of the client, we concluded they needed a Modular Solution for monitoring and ensuring the safety of goods inside the containers being transported with improved centralized visibility, via e-lock, door sensors and camera. This system aimed at reducing manual intervention and improve security for containers using GP tech.

The solution platform enabled support by connecting all 3rdparty equipment via Trinetra devices and enable installed with centralized monitoring and storage of data. The technological advances and innovations enabled by connected devices is enhanced by massive computing power now available and seamless wireless accessibility.

The system supports the modern concept of lean, efficient operations and helps overall improved brand value and product safety. This software helps value addition to improve productivity and performance which results in quicker ROI. It improves the client’s market value and be unique from his competitors. The OEM will also benefit from better life span of their products.

By unifying all the sensors to single software on an IIoT platform that is pre-built, the solution has helped the client to know all critical error alerts instantly. They also know the trend of violations or alerts over a period. Fleet Managers know the current status of the sensors via the software on a 24×7 basis.

Outcome / Result

  • An OEM Software built by in-house developer matching customer requirement
  • Tailor-made and customized solution made specific for the business needs
  • Data-driven results and trends for timely decision-making
  • Domain expertise and Solution experts working closely, to provide value to the business
  • Comes with 3rd party device integration expertise
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting system 


  • Improve market value by 50%
  • 60% reduction in theft or unwanted wastages
  • Improves product safety during transit by 70%
  • Know current status through automated process
  • Improve AMC by 70%
  • Increases Market Sales by 65% 


The Original Equipment Manufacturer, who is a maker of built containers, is now supported by a unified software that will meet their requirements. The automated solution helps to monitor movement and other parameters in real-time, thus offering real value addition to end-users. 

Client testimonials

“Trinetra provided us with a platform and monitoring system that give value addition to our products, putting our assets on to a new level of sophistication. Our moving assets are benefited by the sensors and devices monitoring specified parameters to enable good visibility into operations.”

Marketing Director