Azure-based IoT Solution for Remote Monitoring of Industrial Assets

Azure-based IoT Solution for Remote Monitoring of Industrial Assets

Real-time visibility of data for the client & the end-customer to track & monitor measurement & control data including Temperature, Humidity, Dew point or Pressure. Also, there was an absence of a notification engine to alert end-customers in case of abnormal conditions.


The client is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial machines, seeking a centralized solution for easy monitoring of Industrial Machines for visibility and support for data management for them and the end-customer.

The Problem Outline

The client wanted a centralized solution for easy monitoring of their products. Ensure real-time visibility of data both for them and their clients. They needed their industrial machines to be Connect to various devices. The solution they needed should Supports Data Management and the application needed a secure single sign-in authentication. This solution will help them to be distinct from other competitors and improve upon their market value as well as improve brand value.

The Solution Summary

After carefully assessing the requirements of the client, we decided they needed an automated single powerful solution. This solution also ensures quick integration and implementation for the client. We decoded pm a high-end Azure-based IoT solution which is scalable for remote monitoring of assets of the client. This monitoring and tracking system would Save Time and improve security for the assets of the company besides improving data awareness for the management. This real-time visibility of data for the client and the end-customer helps to track & monitor, measure& control data, that included metrics on Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point or Pressure. By adding a notification engine, the system is capable to alert end-customers in case of abnormal conditions or deviation. The software application runs 24×7 and accessible in real-time on the IoT platform by multiple assigned users.The client saw a Demo to know how beneficial the IIoT solution can support them to automate and simplify their work and is scalable to accommodate more machines and users. The system provided quick ROI and improved the machine efficiency besides improving the life-span of the machinery.

Outcome / Result

  • An OEM Software built by in-house developer matching customer requirement
  • Tailor-made and customised solution made specific for the business needs
  • Data-driven results and trends for timely decision-making
  • Domain expertise and Solution experts working closely, to provide value to the business
  • Comes with 3rd party device integration expertise; Azure-based IoT solution
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting system 


  • Improve assets performance by monitoring them 24/7
  • 60% improvement in knowing about machine trends
  • Improves data security and safety
  • Know the current status through automated process
  • Reduces Service TAT by 70% by knowing the error in advance
  • Reduces service request by 65% by improving product quality 


The Original Equipment Manufacturer is now supported by a unified software that is tailored to their industry’s requirements. As an Azure-based IoT solution, the automated solution helps client/OEM to monitor a number of parameters in real-time over a universal platform. It thus offering real value addition to the products and the end-users. The solution improves their technical capabilities and to be unique from his competitors. This also resulted in maintaining all their assets on single platform. IIoT actually reduces manual intervention and improves data security. IIoT solutions will a trending factor in the Industry 4.0 environment. 

Client testimonials

“We opted for the IoT enabled platform that Trinetra provided to enable our monitoring system. At the same time, we got value addition to our products and saved on maintenance costs as the sensors and connected devices provided alerts on various parameters. It also provided data visibility that warned us of impeding failures or identified discrepancies.”

– Chief Technical Officer