Track mission-critical assets in real time with a powerful configurable software

Nov 24 2021

Track mission-critical assets in real time with a powerful configurable software

A powerful, configurable System module to serve as the foundation for your asset tracking solution.

Business and organizations are looking towards technology to answer the challenges emerging out of the changing market scenario and increasing competition. An asset tracking or monitoring solution allows many organizations to track and locate machines, equipment, goods, and other critical assets to improve workflow and reduce costs or expenses.

The tracking system can even ensure that not only capital equipment but personnel are appropriately deployed as part of support to business operations and to serve the concerned customers. Advanced systems can Monitor asset location in real-time with geolocation mapping services. With an advanced IoT-based solution you can track mission-critical assets and unlock its hidden potential. Such an end-to-end solution can track the asset lifecycle to reduce expensive preventive maintenance and other costs. Mission-critical assets of your company come in the form of devices, equipment or applications and databases that form the core of your business or service.

Additional Intelligence with Data

The asset monitoring system that runs on an IoT platform, can gain additional intelligence with data captured from temperature and acceleration sensors. You can deploy or extend capabilities of assets, equipment or machines with open firmware and with support for additional sensors that may be required for meeting your business objectives and strategies.

With the advent of IoT tech, telematics and connectivity allows organisations in business or service to track a set of assets in real-time and with pinpoint accuracy across geographies. This system helps to improve upon workflow efficiency, maximize equipment utilization, and improve service levels.

IoT enabled modules offer reliable and accurate location data and can it be done with flexible Deployment Methods. The monitoring systems are built with highly reliable, global cellular coverage that are designed to provide reliable and accurate location data.

What are the benefits of a condition monitoring and asset tracking system?

The real-time monitoring applications help to improve the awareness on Machine Health with constant monitoring, besides helping to increase and predict their critical operations in real-time. The objective to invest in such solutions with quick ROI, is to Improve market value for your business or organisation which will impact positive customer experience.

Real-time equipment mapping system is driving growth of machine health monitoring and has got potential to change how companies conduct their business, regardless of the sector they are functioning in.

You can avoid stoppages, improve workflow and your operating efficiency by quickly locating critical equipment and goods. Real-time location tracking and alerts minimizes losses, theft and disruption of supply chain. Trinetra tSense has global expertise in providing you a solution that matches your business needs. Our modules help to adhere to your business needs before you go about making valuable decisions. Our software application makes automation unique for your requirements in meeting the challenging market conditions you face.

Any business or medium to large enterprise can avail our services for developing a viable remote monitoring solution. Based on a universal scalable IoT platform, we develop powerful cloud-based IoT solutions that help in real-time monitoring of equipment or assets, as per the required terms or assigned parameters. Multiple assets at different locations can be integrated and simultaneously run on our pre-built IIoT platform which is scalable too. Reduce manual intervention and machine downtime by using enhanced data flow, with support of real-time updates, reports and data analytics which is all part of the move towards Industry 4.0.

To get more details about our robust, customizable and scalable IIoT solutions, contact Trintetra tSense. Definitely we are only ready to help.