How solar power sector is using IoT to resolve energy challenges

Dec 31 2021

How solar power sector is using IoT to resolve energy challenges

Harnessing the power of digital transformation with IoT to resolve common challenges associated with complex energy grids; make it far easier to manage solar panels and energy output

Solar power is by far the most promising source of renewable energy. By far the most promising source of renewable energy, it is one of the most energy efficient sources of renewable electricity on the market. So, many companies are expanding to offer solar power.

Solar energy companies are now harnessing the opportunities of digital transformation with IoT. It makes it far easier to manage challenges of the complex energy grids, the solar panels and energy output. Solar energy companies have to do it successfully by installing an IoT system to improve overall efficiency and meet current customer demands.

The Challenges of Remote Asset Monitoring for Solar Energy

Solar Power Management is a challenge for energy companies. Even large tech-savvy companies with good engineering resources, find gathering data from the edge, comprising of the many varied solar assets, to be a major obstacle.

You need to connect via your enterprise web platform, the solar panels to the utility grid and also ensure cellular modules and see gateways are integrated on the platform without any connectivity or data security vulnerability issues.

With everything integrated, you will need equipment and the software to know whether the solar station is delivering the energy sufficiently and maintaining load balance on the grid. Fluctuation in renewable energy generation is in response to changes in weather and other factors which happen obviously. But you have to ensure you are maximizing consistently the grid usage and load.

Renewable energy generating plants, like wind and solar, are usually clustered and widely distributed making it a logistical nightmare for grid managers. Energy systems are becoming too complex with more systems and devices joining your grid and more likelihood to have vulnerabilities in the system’s security. When you have thousands of mixed panels getting added to the system, monitoring becomes difficult and a higher chance of vulnerability. Therefore, choose a scalable platform with edge-to-cloud IoT solution.

IoT helps Solar Energy Management.

Solve many of the issues using IoT in solar energy management. Eliminate complex hardware integration and security concerns to allow seamless operation and data flow to your cloud system.

IoT helps you to see exactly what’s happening to your assets from a central control panel in real-time. It will help identify where problems are originating. Dispatch a technician to fix before it disrupts your system.

By using an IoT system you are less susceptible to outages and productivity issues. IoT also help to collect historical data for modelling to make energy management more efficient, cost-effective and logistically easier. It helps grid power metering to improve your system’s efficiency.

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