Trinetra’s IoT based smart campus solutions implemented for Singapore Government

Apr 20 2021

Trinetra’s IoT based smart campus solutions implemented for Singapore Government

Trinetra’s recent Solution ensures Safety & Security of Students inside Campus for a Government based project in Singapore

The Internet of Things is going to be a game-changer in the foreseeable future as it is increasingly gaining acceptance and application in more and more sectors across the world. The educational sector too has now accepted this technology. Trinetra recently developed a smart campus solution for a Government based project in Singapore to ensure the safety and security of students inside an educational campus.

The capability of the IoT platform was used to monitor and know whether students were inside the campus during their educational hours and even their location inside the campus. The administration could even check the time spent in each class by a student. This was to improve their awareness of students in the campus besides improving the safety and security for students in the premises.

Trinetra has the global expertise in providing solutions matching the business or organizational needs of many clients and to help make the automation unique in the present challenging market conditions.

Run on a Robust and Scalable IoT Platform

This smart student monitoring system is run on an IoT platform with the required software applications and connected devices, all of which provide the needed visibility of the assets (students) and related data that can be cached in a cloud storage system to be retrieved for purposes of analysis or review, at a later point of time, as per requirements of the administration.

The customizable software applications developed by Trinetra tSense offers powerful solutions for monitoring multiple devices across many parameters, remotely connected to moving assets. The monitoring or tracking system is connected via networks and wireless technology which is also core to Industry 4.0 which is how experts perceive evolution of this technology. The centralized solution is supported by technologies like GPS, that helps to monitor assets on a 24×7 basis.

Advantages of Trinetra’s IIoT solutions

  • Expertise in handling High-Profile CAT-A clients across the globe
  • 15000+ implementations across the globe
  • Provided solutions in more than 15 countries
  • Quick adaptability & implementation
  • Proven domain expertise
  • Maximized Productivity & Reduced Operation Cost
  • Proven Device Management / IoT track record
  • Unified Platform that can be used for various solutions


  • 70% increase in awareness of the students inside campus
  • 24/7 access to students inside campus
  • Save your operational cost by 60%

Trinetra’s recent solution for a Government based project in Singapore to ensure safety and security of students inside campus, is one of the projects successfully implemented. Our tSense division offers viable IoT solutions to a variety of clients, whether they be an SME, large enterprise or organisation. We develop powerful cloud-based IoT solutions over a scalable platform to support clients and customers in their businesses or services that help in monitoring multiple assets across required parameters. Run on a pre-built universal IoT platform, the system also reduces manual intervention and helps automation. It generates enriched data that is supported by analytics.

For more details about the robust and scalable IoT solutions that can be customized for the relevant sector, business or project, please contact our executives at Trinetra tSense.