IoT and AI are enabling a new surge of manufacturing productivity with the coming of Industry 4.0

July 22 2021

IoT and AI are enabling a new surge of manufacturing productivity with the coming of Industry 4.0

IoT and plant-floor data helps improve reliability, reduce downtime, by predicting and preventing equipment failure. Helps to lower inspection costs and upgrade quality with data insights.

As far as current technological advancement in business and industry is concerned, IoT and AI are the buzzwords making trends. As manufacturing ecosystems quickly adopt IoT and AI technologies, owing to the numerous advantages and benefits they offer, these technologies are indeed key to supporting the advent of a new industrial revolution, which is generally referred to as Industry 4.0. This evolution is redefining our digital destiny, changing our business strategy and the execution of operations across all sectors.

This new kind of revolution is imminent as digital transformation takes precedence in the growth and development journey of business and markets. Enterprises, businesses and managers are pressurized to innovate and invest in game-changing tech like the IoT, Mobility, cloud computing, data analytics, big data and AI. All of it contributing to the digital transformation wave.

Digitalization of Operations

Executives and owners have to stay at the forefront of this digital operations revolution. Your executive team must better understand your processes, products and customers, to generate and share in collaboration the data-driven insights across your company. By adopting the IoT solution you get a no-code, cloud ready interface, designed for different skill-sets, to harness the full power of data analytics and AI throughout your plant or organisation and deliver powerful capabilities. Companies are adopting artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Machine Learning (ML) into their IoT solutions to enhance capabilities and efficiencies quickly.

The Signs of how AI use is increasing

We see the markets are poised for rapid growth and manufacturers are compelled to differentiate their product offerings to stand out in a competitive, crowded market. There are telling signs of how IoT and AI are getting widely adopted faster. Acquisition of and venture capital funding for start-ups focused on IoT and AI tech is increasing fast. Large organisations already are leveraging or exploring AI with IoT to operate more efficiently and deliver new offerings. Machine Learning (ML) an AI technology brings ability to extract insights from data got from smart sensors and devices. It can identify patterns and detect anomalies. Other AI technologies are speech recognition and computer vision that can extract insights from data that earlier required human evaluation. Major vendors of IoT platform software like Amazon, Google Cloud, Cisco, IBM Watson IoT and others, are now offer integrated AI capabilities, such as, machine learning-based analytics.

Why Partner with Trinetra?

Trinetra t-Sense, one of the IoT and AI companies in India, working as your partner, can understand meet your particular demands. Trinetra has the global experience and expertise to provide niche solutions matching to customer’s needs. Our solutions help customers to easily adhere to their business needs and help obtain real-time data to give managers/engineers insights to know more about the status or condition of operations at the moment, before making valuable decisions. We can make your automation unique to meet the challenging conditions your companies face. Using IoT and plant-floor data helps improve reliability and reduces downtime by predicting and preventing equipment failure. The IoT solution lowers inspection costs and upgrades overall quality with data insights gained.

The Advantages of using IoT Solution

  • Using the in-built capability of the solution, managers can know in detail of the Downtime and maintenance of machines deployed.
  • The solution can take production to the next level, to accelerate and automate product inspections, boosting production quality.
  • It helps to manage product innovations throughout the development process.
  • It reduces redundant work and enhances governance of projects with connected engineering solution.
  • It uses information which helps to improve RoI, the quality of business and for Future Forecast.
  • IT improves product quality, reduces Service cycles and improves market value.

Get to know how our IIoT platform can use automation to relieve your pain points; minimize human intervention and improve awareness with data analytics. The solution run on a pre-built universal IoT platform helps reduces machine downtime and uses enhanced data flow with real-time updates to give insights. It helps in monitoring critical parameters of multiple assets simultaneously.

Our applications also improve the ROI and quality of your business which can increase your market value by 70%. Whether you be an SME or a large enterprise, we develop powerful cloud-based viable IoT solutions based on a scalable platform.

Get more details about our robust IIoT solutions that are customized for the relevant sector, project or client. Just contact our team at Trintetra tSense who are ready to help.