Trinetra provides Smart Solution for a large Diesel Generator Manufacturer in UAE

Mar 18 2021

Trinetra provides Smart Solution for a large Diesel Generator Manufacturer in UAE

Trinetra recently joined hands with a Diesel Generator Manufacturer and global distributor by digitally enhancing their activities using IIoT, gradually improving their market value.

The world is indorsing rapid digitization, wider network connectivity and increasing computing power, which will soon be the critical factors in deciding the competitive advantage and also differentiation for modern businesses and industries.

Firms now harness data power with proper organizational strategy, integrated systems and software tools. However, OEMs and manufacturing companies have taken to digital technology much early. Our modern manufacturing ecosystems encourage stakeholders to adopt IoT technology for the advantages and benefits this fast growing tech offers.

This is how Trinetra recently got the opportunity to joined hands with a Diesel Generator manufacturer in the UAE, who is also a global distributor to digitally enhance their activities using IoT technology supported by wireless networking tech, to gradually improve their products’ market value.

Value addition by a centralized solution:

The solution provided by Trinetra’s tSense division helps the company in monitoring critical parameters, such as from dep-sea controllers, to gather valuable data for analysis via a centralized web-based solution. Trinetra has already got global expertise in providing business based solutions. The centralized solution is supported by technology, such a GPS, to help monitor or track remote assets on a 24×7 basis.

Since Trinetra has the global exposure we are able to meet the client’s technical business needs and challenges to improve their market value.

Trinetra uses an IIoT solution to automate their process and reduce manual intervention to minimum. The software gathers information that helps them to improve their market value. The real-time data also helps managers to know more about the machine status or condition, before making valuable decisions to stay ahead of the competition. The IIoT solution makes the machine, here in this case the diesel generators, of the client really unique and efficient, to face the challenging market situations.

Supported on a Robust and Scalable Platform :

Run on an IoT platform with the right software applications, this remote asset monitoring system, provides required visibility of operations and data through Analytical Trends. OEM Companies see substantial opportunity to unlock additional value across the product range to stay ahead of competitors.

The customizable software offered by Trinetra tSense offers powerful solutions for monitoring multiple devices and parameters connected to machines/assets, connected via networks and wireless technology which is also core to Industry 4.0.

Advantages of Trinetra’s IIoT solution :

  • Expertise in handling High-Profile CAT-A clients across the globe
  • 15000+ implementation across the globe
  • Provided solutions in more than 15 countries
  • Quick adaptability & implementation
  • Proven domain expertise
  • Maximized Productivity & Reduced Operation Cost
  • Proven Device Management / IoT track record
  • Unified Platform that can be used for various solutions

Highlights :

  • 70% increase in productivity and market sales
  • Reduce machine awareness by 90%
  • Save your operation cost by 55%
  • 10% Additional Productivity gain over legacy systems

Trinetra tSense offers variable solutions over a scalable platform to support clients and customers whether they be an SME or a large enterprise. We develop powerful cloud-based IoT solutions for businesses or services that help in monitoring multiple assets over required parameters on a pre-built universal IoT platform, which also reduces manual intervention and machine downtime. The system uses enriched data with instant updates supported by analytics.

For more details about the robust and scalable IIoT solution that can be customized for your relevant sector or project, please contact us now.