Monitoring of Heavy Material Handling Equipment & Vehicles is made easy with IoT

Aug 12 2023

Monitoring of Heavy Material Handling Equipment & Vehicles is made easy with IoT

Undoubtedly IoT based systems and software are becoming increasingly used across various sectors and industry leaders have been early adopters. Multi-locational monitoring systems for heavy equipment and heavy vehicles have gained significantly with this technological innovation.

Cranes, hoists and heavy equipment that are operated indoors or outdoors or are vehicle mounted, are in wide use across industries and sectors. The Remote Crane Monitoring Solution caters to this industry segment. To keep heavy material handling equipment, like cranes, excavators, hoists, etc. in top operating condition, Remote Crane Monitoring Solution is now a comprehensive IoT solution with Crane Preventive & Predictive Maintenance that helps to achieve productivity but at lower maintence cost and higher safety.

Easy to Deploy

This IoT-based software solution includes cloud-based data analytics, mobile app support and various sensors at the Edge. The system can easily be integrated or retrofitted on the various heavy material handling equipment such as HOT cranes, EOT cranes, JIB cranes, gantry cranes, bridge crane or on outdoor mobile cranes like container cranes, tower cranes, telescopic cranes, etc.

Benefits to OEMs

  • The system can be customised to particular needs, crane specifications or crane models.
  • Crane maintenance can be offered easily as it can be integrated or retrofitted as a solution to encounter competitors.
  • Improve quality of customer support with crane life cycle management, reduces warranty costs with data analytics done remotely.
  • Operating information collected automatically from sensors on various parameters helps assess machine condition and safety aspects continually.
  • Helps to reduce unplanned downtime with crane maintenance scheduling.
  • Refit solution can easily be integrated on existing cranes to facilitate proactive preventive service support.

Crane Monitoring Analytics

The crane monitoring system has integrated data analytics, reports and alerts in its working. The dashboard and reports are for daily operations and production information. The other functionality is setting and triggering of Alerts or alarms. The system uses email to send daily and weekly reports and has provision to extract reports from the web application interface. This alert mechanism would attract quick remedial or corrective action. Variations from the standard/set parameters will trigger alerts to allow timely preventive maintenance and replacements.

Trinetra T-sense foresees the demand for IoT based projects. IoT has great potential as it supports backward compatibility and integration, also known as IoT retrofitting as IoT tech is surely moving us towards Industry 4.0. Apparently, IIoT technology will benefit all those using it in the future, opening up new opportunities and revenue streams. T-sense has the expertise to offer customised solutions.