Manufacturing industries need IIoT to unleash their full potential

July 16 2023

Manufacturing industries need IIoT to unleash their full potential

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing industries worldwide. Each year, IoT Expos are organized globally to educate both the masses and industries about the advantages of industrial IoT. IoT solution providers and equipment manufacturers actively participate in these events to enhance their businesses. Industry leaders attend these expos to learn about IoT and its potential value for their sectors.

While information exchange is great, it raises the question: Is IoT truly necessary for industries? Here are some points that justify the need for IoT in industries:

  • The Digital Imperative: Market research highlights the importance of digitization for operational excellence. IIoT solutions decrease costs and explore new revenue streams, making successful digitization the first step towards IIoT implementation.
  • Resource Optimization: Global resources are depleting rapidly, affecting the economy and society. By optimizing manufacturing by just 2%, industries could add around $240 billion in value, equivalent to the GDP of several countries.
  • Productivity as a Driver: Technology adoption is crucial for productivity and competitiveness, particularly in nations with high labor costs. Continuous improvement and maintaining competitiveness will drive investments in IIoT.

Connectivity is paramount in the realm of IIoT. Integrating sensors, equipment, machines and business systems transcends isolated information silos, enabling real-time data acquisition, storage, analysis and visualization in the cloud through digital gateways. However, building effective IIoT applications requires a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, business systems and core challenges. It involves leveraging IIoT technologies to devise optimized solutions that encompass all relevant aspects.

In conclusion, the indispensability of IIoT in industries is evident. IoT enhances efficiency, sustainability, and successful enterprise by optimizing resources. Embrace the transformative potential of IIoT to unlock a new era of operational excellence. Specifically, IIoT empowers OEMs and ODMs with operational visibility, efficiency and control, resulting in improved productivity, cost reduction  and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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