IIOT capabilities of Trinetra T-sense helped OEMs improve asset uptime

Mar 09 2022

IIOT capabilities of Trinetra T-sense helped OEMs improve asset uptime

Currently, IoT Technology stack has brought improvement in the way operations are being done in the industries. In today’s competitive industrial environment, manufacturers have started implementing Industrial IOT solution to overcome unplanned downtime that arise with improper maintenance, overrunning machines and a lack of efficient machines’ condition tracking.

Industrial IoT solution from Trinetra T-sense has enabled OEM’s to better maintain & operate the machines, increase factory output and generate revenue.

  • With this IIOT system operations head can see machine utilization measurements in real-time without physical access to machines.
  • Further, they could interpret how effectively the equipment is functioning and take quick decisions to improve productivity.
  • IoT-based condition monitoring solution offers an opportunity to monitor machines’ condition and identify the source of a problem.
  • Reducing the impact of productivity congestion by offering process optimization and conditional analysis to make sure human and machine work in perfect harmony.

We have helped few industrial clients in various sectors to adopt IIOT critical to manage and monitor operations centrally. By utilizing industrial IoT solution enterprise managers were empowered to get a baseline of what the production capabilities are, as well find where the inefficiencies are, what critical metrics aren’t being met and what immediate changes are to be done to improve.


  • Helped assess machine utilization across geographically distributed factories
  • Improves production output by an average of 20% or more
  • Resolve machine problems remotely and reduce on-site service visits by 10-20%
  • IoT-based condition monitoring eliminates shutdowns by75%
  • Problem diagnosis becomes faster and more accurate

OEMs who are interested to take advantage of best-in-class technology can contact us for more details. We will help you to mitigate the chances of any potential hazard and avail higher ROI and productivity.