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Read on how Trinetra T-Sense has leveraged the IoT technology for clients, providing them unique solutions. It opens up new possibilities as the world moves on to bring together the physical and digital.

IIoT solutions for OEMs and ODMs

OEMs and ODMs are now leveraging IIoT for immense benefits!

03 June 2023

Modbus Protocol in IoT Applications

Why does Modbus protocol play a key role in IoT deployments?

16 May 2023

IoT solutions for manufacturing industry

Industrial IoT is evolving and changing the manufacturing industry

14 Feb 2023

IoT Based Floor Care Equipment

How the Internet of Things makes Floor Care Equipment smarter?

29 Jan 2023

IoT Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)

How Equipment OEMs are really benefited by IIoT

17 Nov 2022

Industrial Air Compressor Monitoring Solution

Innovative Monitoring and Control Solutions for Air Compressors

12 Oct 2022