IoT based Solar Energy Monitoring System for Real-Time Performance Tracking

IoT based Solar Energy Monitoring System for Real-Time Performance Tracking


A leading  Industrial manufacturer utilising solar panels to produce green energy for meeting out their energy consumption

The Problem Outline

Client was in need of Industrial IoT platform, a remote and real-time monitoring system to automatically track their solar PV system’s performance, identify anomalies if any and gain full control over the system without actually being present there.

  • They need to monitor the real time power generation by Solar Plant in one dash board
  • Know the issue in real time and take corrective action immediately
  • Monitor the performance ratio against forecast generation
  • Send alerts for deviation from standard condition
  • Automatic monthly power generation report to respective users

The Solution Summary

We connected & configured MODBUS slave along with other components and enabled the client with IOT based solar power panel monitoring solution.

get PV system embedded with software, network connectivity and sensors to collect, monitor, and exchange data.

Allowed the client to Keep track of weather conditions at your plant location to understand or predict power generation.

This data logger equipped them with beneficial insights to make data-driven decisions. They could gather real-time information, analyse the past data, compare the trends based on multiple parameters and observe any fault.

Further, using this intelligent monitoring platform they could easily initiate preventive maintenance, map out the cause of the accident and the location where the breakdown occurred.

  • Minimise operational expenses & accommodate the surging needs with each passing year
  • Unleash the potential of a solar system and helps reap maximum through the installation.
  • Allows users to access stored data and make informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Get to know how the weather has impacted energy production in the past, and what you might expect in the future
  • Manage multiple solar plants in different cities or regions & Tap maximum amount of energy

Our industry proven, IoT based Solar Tracking System and intelligent software solution helped client to do Web-based remote monitoring of solar array performance, battery load, and environmental data from sensors. For more information on our IOT based Solar Energy Monitoring System callus at +91 8144714445 or leave us an enquiry.