Improving Machines Operational Efficiency with Industrial IoT Solutions

Improving Machines Operational Efficiency with Industrial IoT Solutions

Undergo a transformation called Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0. New technologies are not only impacting manufacturing effectiveness but also equipping businesses with the ability to identify smarter ways to work and control remotely


We were approached by the Technical Head of a manufacturing company for an IIoT based solution to boost their machines’ operational efficiency on the production floor. They were aiming to understand and asses the performance of their machinery to improve manufacturing effectiveness and also equip them with the ability to identify smarter way to work and control their equipment remotely.

The Problem Outline

The client gave our team a briefing in order to spell out their requirements to address their challenges or pain points. The company required to monitor equipment usage and machine health to enable them to asses’ performance and productivity. They also required data to understand the performance of their equipment in order to improve product design and to ensure customer satisfaction in their product range. The remote asset monitoring system they envisaged would help them analyse the critical data from the machine via various sensors to improve uptime and also gives maintenance teams a better understanding of the equipment’s servicing needs.

The Solution Summary

The Trinetra tSense team set about to frame the customised solution based on the universal IoT platform of tSense. The software will draw data straight from the machines for accurate data analytics, for the technical team. The team will check feasibility and do a Proof of Concept to decide on the customisation needed. It helps in getting quick RoI.

This solution will provide maintenance team with a data to adopt a proactive service schedule or to follow a predictive maintenance management approach that would eventually improve uptime. The IIoT software gives maintenance managers a better understanding of when an equipment needs to be serviced or replaced. This remote health machine health monitoring system thereby reduces the service cost and improve productivity of the machine. It helps the engineers to increase visibility, like by monitoring the solenoid valve in a machine, which is related to expertise in IoT for machine health monitoring.

Another objective satisfied by a real-time condition monitoring system is to improve machine capabilities and help the brand to be unique from their competitors. The remote diagnostics tool helps to reduce turnaround time for service executives with quick fault detection by the IoT devices fitted in the system. For example, it reduces cost occurrence and spending for transformers by using preventive maintenance Overall, the company benefits by improved machine efficiency and saves time using remote diagnostics to know Maintenance activities from centralized location.

Solution Outcome / Result

  • OEM Software built by in-house developer to match all customer requirements
  • A customised solution, specific for your business needs/pain points
  • Data-driven results and trends found are used for timely, quick decision-making
  • Domain expertise of the experts who work closely to offer value addition to your products
  • Expertise in 3rd party device integration, on single unified powerful platform
  • The software offers expectation based monitoring & custom based reporting

Trinetra tSense has been able to provide a customised solution to clients, thanks to the expertise and experience got in various industries. To meet all their requirements, the automated IIoT platform helps to remotely monitor numerous parameters providing visibility in real-time, at all times, and adding on a number of assets. We offer a Modular Solution for monitoring and to achieve real-time visibility of Machines like Distribution Transformers.

The bidirectional communication protocol of the IIoT platform, also transmits/captures all necessary data for analytics, supported and run on a robust data management system architecture. This solution offers value addition to client besides improving machine performance and improving its life span, allowing to transform the business quickly and cost effectively. Our IIoT solutions will help to:

  • Improve machine performance by monitoring 24/7
  • A 60% reduction in time and cost spent for service
  • Reduces Service TAT by 70% by instant alerts and remote diagnosis
  • Reduces Service request by 65% by improving product quality

New technologies are not only impacting manufacturing effectiveness but is also equipping companies to work intelligently and remotely.

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