IoT Asset Tracking System

IoT Asset Tracking System

Ensuring safety and security for your high value assets inside Container Bodies.

Smart Monitoring IoT system provides highly digitalized solutions on monitoring high value assets inside containers during transit.


The client is a renowned Truck Body Building with a large clientele extending nation-wide. The specialise in building Container Bodies. They came up to us for a solution to monitor their containers during transit as value addition to their assets.

The Problem Outline

The client wanted a centralised solution or system to remotely monitor containers in transit. The company wanted monitor critical parameters on who and also when the opening and closing of the container is being done. So the software application should run 24×7 and accessible in real-time on the IoT platform by multiple users.

The Solution Summary

What the client needed was a single unified software to monitor all the parameters they felt important. The automated solution provided could know the current updates of container to ensure product security during transit and it not only saves time and improves security of assets, but to improves their Market Value and to be unique from the competitors. The solution also improves ROI for the clients. The system reduces Manual Intervention and improves security for all containers and its contents. The solution provided by tSense has overall improved the brand value and ensured product safety for the client.

The customised Modular Solution was made for monitoring and maintaining safety of goods inside containers. It Improved the centralized visibility, through the e-lock, door sensors and camera installed. The system can Connect all the 3rd party equipment to a Trinetra device for centralized monitoring of assets and generation of the data desired and critical for operations. It can be integrated with a fleet management system if need be. It provides Value Addition to improve productivity and performance for customers using the container service.

Outcome / Result

  • OEM and Software built by in house developer matches customer requirements
  • A tailor-made and customised solution, specific for your business
  • Data-driven results and trends for timely, quick decision-making
  • With domain expertise, the solution experts work closely to offer value addition to your business
  • Expertise in 3rd party device integration
  • The system offers expectation based monitoring & custom based reporting


  • Improves visibility by 70%
  • 60% reduction in theft, pilferage or unwanted wastages
  • Improves product or asset safety during transit by 70%
  • Know current status through automated process


The Original Equipment Manufacturer, in this case the container body builder, is provided a single unified software for all their needs. The automated solution to monitor parameters remotely in real time ensures also quick go-to-market advantage for customers.

Client testimonials

“Adopting an IoT enabled platform for our container monitoring system we got important value addition to our products, saved on go-to-market time and also costs. We are benefitted by the sensors and devices giving us alerts on parameters we specified which also provided visibility into failures or discrepancies that occurred.”

– Product Manager – B2C